3 Benefits of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

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3 Benefits of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Those who are lusting after long luscious lengths of hair for once in your life, or even a short bob after having gotten your pixie hair cut years ago and not liking the growing out stage; your taking the plunge into some research on how to do this overnight, so guess what? We have the perfect solution for you – hand-tied extensions!

On the market, there have been various types of hair extensions, people have been going crazy over them especially during the summer so they can go out and showcase they’re “new hair”. Amongst all the lot of options, the best ones that we have come across are the hand-tied versions. As the name suggests these are applied to the head by a professional stylist at a salon. Each weft or strand is placed by hand individually and is attached to pre-existing beads that are already placed on the existing hair. Below we have included 3 benefits of these types over all the others.

3 Benefits of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions


Say for example you look at the tape-in extension variety, one of the things that will stand out is the difference in the quality of these. They may be less expensive than hand-tied hair extensions but because with the latter, each strand or bunch of hair is much smaller and closer together, the result looks a lot more natural than the tape-ins which are much wider apart and can be noticeable if the wind blows your hair or you ties it up.

Others are also only used on thick hair, so if you have thin hair, the tape-in won’t work because it allows for larges clutches of hair that need enough of a hold on natural hair and if you do not have this already, they can easily slip out. When you use the hand-tied hair extensions you don’t necessarily need thick or an immense amount of your hair for it to be attached to.

The Cost

The average cost of these is not much higher than its predecessors. If it is higher, it is only a little because of the time it takes to put them in, as they are done meticulously and individually strand by strand, you are guaranteed to have a much sturdier winner!

First, the hair is separated, then the silicone beads are put into the hair, after which the wefts are sewn into the hair thus locking them in place, and because these are much smaller and thinner lengths, they do take time to insert them into your natural locks. If you do not touch the beads themselves you can style them as you please. Plus, you can even dye them whatever color you like.

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions
Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

The Caring

With a lot of the other brands and types of options available, these are possibly the ones that need the least amount of care. You can care for them as you would your hair without worrying about messing it up or removing them, we only ask that you be gentle.

You can use any regular shampoo you like however, when using conditioner, use the leave-in types. Of course, the artificial hair will not benefit much from this, such as the additional minerals and vitamins in the conditioner but your hair will become stronger and healthier to be able to hold the extensions in place. Plus, it will make it easier to comb through the entirety of the hair as opposed to going through all the knots and pulling your hair out, both the natural and the artificial. You can even style it as you see fit because it’s hardly noticeable from your mane.

For the best way to find out if you should get these types of additions or any one of the other ones https://www.elle.com/uk/beauty/hair/a26212/hair-extensions-guide-reviews, we would advise getting a hair analysis done at the salon beforehand and letting the hairstylist tell you what’s the best option for your type of hair. As mentioned earlier, some are for fine or thin hair while others need a bit of more hair to be easy to attach to and not end up damaging you.

As with everything the better you look after it the longer it will last, and it’s the same with this beauty trend and everything that comes with it.


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