Tommy Thongchai @ The Square, Jaya One [Food Review]

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Tommy Thongchai @ The Square, Jaya One
Jaya One has undergone a major facelift during the past few months and I’m happy to know that The Square, Jaya One is now reopened with a great addition of F&B choices. One of the noteworthy restaurants is a Thai Gastrobar that serves quality Thai fusion food, Tommy Thongchai. t
Tommy Thongchai @ The Square, Jaya One (Bar Area)
Tommy Thongchai @ The Square, Jaya One (Bar Area)

Tommy Thongchai @ The Square, Jaya One

Seatings in Tommy Thongchai @ The Square, Jaya One
Seatings in Tommy Thongchai @ The Square, Jaya One
It’s hard to miss this restaurant because it has a pretty fancy exterior that will surely catch your attention. On the inside, it looks modern yet cozy, perfect for gatherings and celebration.
Variety of foods at Tommy Thongchai
Variety of foods at Tommy Thongchai
For me, starter during a meal is very much appreciated. Let’s see what they have to offer at Tommy Thongchai, shall we?
Yum Som-O (Price: RM 26)
Yum Som-O
Price: RM 26
We were served with 2 different appetizers. The first one is Yum Som-O Thai Pomelo Salad, a very appetizing dish that combines sweet, sour and spicy flavors into one perfect refreshing plate of goodness. The pomelo was imported all the way from Thailand!
Kale Salad with a Crunch (Price: RM 22)
Kale Salad with a Crunch
Price: RM 22
The second appetizer is Kale Salad with a Crunch. It tastes quite good, and especially recommended for the health-conscious ones. It’s always recommended to start the meal with something light like fresh kale with Thongchai kale dressing and Thai chili flakes.
Tommy’s Platter in extra large size (Price: RM 85)
Tommy’s Platter in extra large size
Price: RM 85
Look at all the varieties of skewers in Tommy’s Platter
Look at all the varieties of skewers in Tommy’s Platter
If you’re here with a large group of friends, Tommy’s Platter in extra large size would be the ideal choice for sharing. This huge platter of mouth-watering dish includes Chiang Mai sausage, fried calamari, fried pork riblets, fried pork belly, Thongchai’s Nachos, pulled pork fries, luncheoon meat fries and moo ping skewers. Pairs perfectly with a pint of ice cold beer.
Individual skewers can be ordered separately from RM 5 onwards
Individual skewers can be ordered separately from RM 5 onwards
Black Angus Steak Fries 285g (Price: RM 127)
Black Angus Steak Fries
Price: RM 127 for 285g
I’m thrilled to see that Tommy Thongchai is offering high quality Black Angus Steak Fries, whereby grain fed black Angus ribeye is prepared using Isaan marinate or Thongchai’s dry rub before it is charcoal grilled. Love the juicy, tender meat which is nicely charred on the outside. Served with Thongchai fries. @ RM 127 (285g)
Thongchai Baked Mac & Cheese (Price: RM 35)
Thongchai Baked Mac & Cheese
Price: RM 35
Fancy some Thai fusion with Italian food? One of the dishes you can choose is Mac & Cheese. Apart from the classic ingredients like macaroni and Mozzarella cheese, you can taste some Thai flavors with the use of Krapao Pork.
Tomyum Bolognese with Meatball (Price: RM 23)
Tomyum Bolognese with Meatball
Price: RM 23
Alternatively, you can also go with Tomyum Bolognese with Meatball, a pretty interesting dish.
Pork Trotter Rice (Price: RM 21)
Pork Trotter Rice
Price: RM 21
If you crave for some classic Thai food, I’d recommend you their Pork Trotter Rice. They prepared it just like how I had it in Bangkok so I can safely say that this is pretty authentic.
Fried Mama Noodle
Fried Mama Noodle
You can also try their Fried Mama Noodle that’s complete with fresh, decent-sized prawns, slices of stir fried chicken and lime.
Krapao Pork Burger (Price: RM 28)
Krapao Pork Burger
Price: RM 28
You know how the Thais love basil and their pork. At Tommy Thongchai, they cleverly incorporated Krapao Pork (Thai Basil Pork) into Krapao Pork Burger to create juicy patty. On top of the patty, you’ll find a perfectly cooked over easy egg. Served with Thongchai fries at the side too! Thumbs up!
Thong Kao Cocktail (Price: RM 38)
Thong Kao Cocktail
Price: RM 38
Let’s dive in to their cocktail varieties. They’re offering a lot more than this but I’m going to touch about some of their signature ones. Looking like something straight out from the science lab is Thong Kao, an interesting concoction of mango juice, lime, star anise, cinnamon, Mekhong rum, Sambuca and Angostura Bitters.
Tom Kha Cocktail (Price: RM 35)
Tom Kha Cocktail
Price: RM 35
I love the presentation of their cocktails, so intriguing. This looks like a bowl of Tau Fu Fah dessert but guess what? It’s a cocktail called Tom Kha Cocktail. It’s white because there’s coconut milk, fresh milk, vodka infused with chili, lemongrass and lime.
Chao Phraya Cocktail (Price: RM 42)
Chao Phraya Cocktail
Price: RM 42
Chow Phraya is an interesting mixture of Thai alcohol like Phraya rum, Mekhong rum, bitters, lime and mint. It’s great for people who prefer something slightly sour.
tallpiscesgirl X Tommy Thongchai
tallpiscesgirl X Tommy Thongchai
If you’re a light drinker, I suggest you to try Thaiga Punch (RM 12). The combination of Tiger beer and apple juice makes it a lot easier to drink as it doesn’t taste as bitter anymore. Address: Tommy Thongchai Thai Gastrobar @ Jaya One G.005, The Square, Jaya One Shopping Centre, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Tel: 6012-901 2848 Opening hours: Daily 11.30 am – 12 am Facebook Page:


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