Top Fall Fashion Trends for 2019

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Another season for this year brings brand new trends, but they have been keeping it up with the rest of this season’s trends. So, as it turns out, the 90s are back. And so are the 80s and 70s and some trends that can’t be really put into a certain period. However, even though it pretty much seems that you can wear whatever you want this year, for this fall, the best trends do have something in common.

Top Fall Fashion Trends for 2019

Let’s see what the fall of 2019 brings for men and women in fashion!
Top Fall Fashion Trends for 2019
Top Fall Fashion Trends for 2019

The Millennial Purple

Millennial pink might be overused in marketing, but when it comes to clothes, the designers are turning to the color purple. The range of millennial purple hues is endless and they are perfect for the party circuit. You just have to find the hues you like and you can easily incorporate them into your dresses, shirts, shorts and even suits. What is more, today this color is recommended for both men and women more than in any period in time, so everyone can find their hue and proudly wear it everywhere.

Be a Hero, Wear a Cape

If you want a strong silhouette that can keep you warm and cozy this fall, then you should look for colorful capes. This year, Chanel choose tweed, while Marc Jacobs opt for a leopard one. The possibilities and combinations of materials are endless, just find your fit. They come in many variations this fall, so be brave and put on a cape for your everyday outfits or some special occasions.

Sharp Suits

This one goes for both men and women since we want you all to look sharp in those suits and show off your elegance. What is more, there is no really a color restricted choice today when it comes to suits – you can really play with those and still look classy and sleek. What is more, when it comes to men’s’ suits, the emphasis is really put on the shoulders and designers have made them really dramatic this year.

You have to Accessorize!

We are all encouraged to wear many accessories this fall and we shouldn’t shy away from them! One thing that has gained in popularity are various versions of industrial chain necklaces. The bigger the better! Also, there are many trends in wearing oversized earrings of many shapes and colors as your statement pieces. Men too, are encouraged to wear necklaces and earrings, especially since today there is a great diversity of jewelry designed for men. Not to mention how an elegant watch is always a welcoming piece of jewelry for men, and even women have started embracing that accessory.

Satin is Back

This soft and wonderful material is back this fall and you should slip into your favorite stain piece. For example, Versace has brought back their slip dresses from the 90s, but they have updated them with neon hues. You can do the same and follow the 90s trends of neon hues and combine them into nice satin shorts or simple shirts for the warm fall days. What is more, this material looks great and is perfect for formal events of office attire.

Small Little Bags

This fall, itty bitty bags are a huge trend, ironically. They are simply there for accessories and they come in many shapes, colors, and materials. However, if you do need to carry more things with you every day, then you can switch to fanny packs because those are definitely back from the 90s and everyone is wearing them today. Not to mention how their designs vary from formal and elegant to those trashy 90s styles, which makes fanny packs great for any occasion.

Oversized Everything

This is most of the men’s things this fall, but the girls can join in the trend as well. With Balenciaga making everything oversized and fashionable, it’s no wonder everyone got on board of oversized shoes, puffer jackets, long scarves and whatnot. There is no wonder these are a trend because each of the oversized pieces looks cozy and yet somehow elegant.

Leather Everywhere

If you want to show everyone that you are up-to-date with fashion trends, you should embrace leather this fall. However, this doesn’t mean you can throw on a simple leather bomber jacket. Instead, leather is everywhere this year and it comes in many different colors. There are leather pants, shirts, jackets, long trench coats, and even hats. You just have to find what works best for you, coordinate the colors and you are ready to rock the world. For those of you who look for new pieces to update your wardrobe this fall, this is it for you. Don’t forget about leather, some fancy accessories, tiny bags and plenty of oversized pieces. This fall is going to be a bold fashion season for everyone, so be brave and wear everything proudly.


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