10 Ways To Make Your Small Condo Looks Bigger

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Condo Looks Bigger | 10 Ways To Make Your Small Condo Looks Bigger
Nowadays, a growing number of people are opting to rent or buy a condominium unit due to the numerous benefits that come with living in a condominium building. Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages of living in a condo unit; one of which is the limited space which comes with it. The good news is there is actually a ton of interior design ideas that you can use to make your living space look bigger, way more colorful, and brighter.

10 Ways To Make Your Small Condo Looks Bigger

Here are ten interior design ideas that you can use to make the most out of your small condo space.
  1. Use clever contrasts and light colors

    Light colors make a house look brighter and bigger. Bright and light walls are more reflective, hence they’ll make your home feel airy and open, which helps to maximize the effect that’s created by sunlight. On the other hand, dark colors absorb light and as a result, they’ll make your home look smaller.For an optimum effect, choose soft tones of off white, green and blue, and remember that bright rooms look more inviting and bigger. Try to paint your moldings and wall trim in a lighter color than the walls. This will make the walls of your home to appear farther back and as a result, make your rooms look bigger.
  2. Pick monochromatic colors

    When it comes to your ornaments, furniture, fittings, soft furnishings, carpets, and curtains –pick different tones, hues, and tints of a single hue. This color scheme is easy on the eyes, so you will be able to take in the entire room without being interrupted by the other colors. For example, if you’re going for a monochromatic blue palette, you can decide to use different hues and tones of blue. Remember to avoid dark colors so that you do not create a claustrophobic feeling in your condo.
  3. Declutter your space

    Keep your house organized and tidy. There is nothing that makes a condo feel uncomfortably small more than having a lot of stuff. By neatly arranging the things in your home and keeping them out of sight, your living space that’s in view will feel open and orderly and open.Do not cover the walls with many paintings and photos, it can make your rooms feel crowded and busy. One large photo or painting works better than many small paintings or photos. When decorating the rooms in a small condo, you should create a focal point – one feature or area which will draw the eye. In your bedroom, this will probably be the bed. In the dining room, it will most likely be the table. Arrange your furniture so that the focus is drawn to the area, and keep the decor in the rest of the room to a minimum. Keep the floors as clear and clean as possible. By doing this you will be able to maintain a sense of spaciousness. Remove all large rugs so that you can an illusion of having more floor space.
  4. Stay away from unnecessary details

    Avoid using designs like large prints or ruffles attached to your windows and furniture. You should invest in smaller patterns or plain color fabrics and achieve a unified and single look to make your rooms visually roomy. Dealing with a smaller space once you’ve decided to live in a condo can really be more exciting than difficult. You can unleash the interior designer and artist in you; express yourself while creating a convenient and comfortable living space for yourself and your family.
  5. Use mirrors to strategically enlarge the space

    Mirrors can make the rooms in your condo look larger. Use a focal-point and angle the mirrors towards it so that you can create an illusion of depth. Additionally, mirrors reflect both artificial and natural light to can make your condo a room brighter. They’ll bounce natural and artificial light deep into your small condo, making the rooms to appear larger.
    Condo Looks Bigger with Mirror
    Condo Looks Bigger with Mirror
    Placing a mirror close to a window so that it can reflect the outdoors is particularly effective. By placing mirrors on the glass tabletops and walls, you will give your rooms a more open feeling. You may also use mirrored-cabinet doors to make the spaces in your condo feel larger.
  6. Maximize the arrangement of your furniture

    At times the furniture in your home may end up taking up a lot of living space. You can avoid this, by using multi-functional furniture, like a bed with drawers or a sofa bed or a chest which may be used as a coffee table. Use nesting tables, folding tables, and an expandable dining table, that can be easily tucked away when they are not required. Place the larger furniture against your walls so that you can maximize the open space in your rooms. Scale your furniture so that they fit your room`s size, and do not block pathways. If accessories and furniture block the view into the rooms, your condo will look cramped. If you move furniture away from the walkways, you will open up your living space and make your condo feel larger. Some of the furniture in your home should be of the same color as your walls. By doing this even big items like chests and armoires will start to blend in, and as a result, expand your rooms. The diagonal is the longest straight-line in a room. When you place the furniture at an angle, it leads the eye along the longer distance instead of the shorter wall. This will also enable you to get some extra storage space behind the furniture in the corner. Tall pieces of furniture can make your ceiling appear lower than it really is. You should also ensure that there’s enough space between the furniture. Select chairs and a sofa with exposed legs and open arms. This enables light to filter under your furniture, and as a result make the rooms appear airier. You can also use glass tables to help create the appearance of an open living space.
  7. Flooring

    When you lay flooring diagonally across the room, the living space instantly looks bigger and whether you opt for laminate stone, or hardwood, the rule applies for all. Use the same flooring throughout your house so that you can create a seamless look which ties one room into the other. This creates an uninterrupted flow, and make it feel as if your rooms are part of one large living space. Dark-wood floors will make your living space look larger if paired with a light wall color, molding, and trim.
  8. A room within a room

    You can do some house improvement in your condominium without altering it drastically. You should try to merge some of your rooms into one. For example, you can create an office in your living room or even your bedroom. You can place a writing desk in one of the corners of your bedroom or in front of a window. You can also use a living room chair and place it close to a desk for an instant home living room/office. You can also merge the guest room and living room by using a sofa bed or a convertible couch or combine the dining room and kitchen into one.
  9. Use your walls and ceiling

    You should maximize your precious kitchen space. Instead of using the nasty cabinets below your kitchen sink, you should install hooks which can stow your pans and pots plus your other kitchen essentials. You can also mount streamlined shelves on your walls, they`ll give you a spot for your decorations and more storage space.
  10. Do not fill up all the shelves inside your spaces

    Leave some room in your shelves so that you can create a more theatrical and airy feel. It is also beneficial if you buy a wall to wall bookcase since this method will give an expanded space visually as if pushing the ceiling and walls apart.
Hope you’ll find these tips to make your condo looks bigger helpful! πŸ™‚


  1. Merryn Tan says:

    Oooh I love interior decor. With proper design, the smallest room can be so cosy and beautiful. I love mirrors too and makes sure my house have lots of it at some proper spots πŸ˜€

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Merryn, you’re such a pro! <3

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