Haircut @ number76 Publika by Sato

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After haircut @ number76 | Haircut @ number76 Publika by Sato

Some time before the end of the year, I figured that it’s finally time to fix the shape of my hair. I never realized how ridiculous it looked like until I prepare the before photo for this post. I can’t even stare at it for more than 3 seconds! URGH!!

Before haircut @ number76 Publika. OK enough, now scroll down.
Before haircut @ number76 Publika
OK enough, now scroll down

Haircut @ number76 Publika by Sato

To save my image, I booked an appointment with number76 Publika as this is the nearest branch from my house @ Kepong. And here’s how my date with Takamasa Sato (aka Sato san), a Director in Publika branch started.

Haircut by Takamasa Sato
Haircut by Takamasa Sato

Sato san is a very friendly and polite person. He has all the characteristics of a Japanese. From being polite to super detailed and hardworking too. I can see the glimmer in his eyes when he was so focused on cutting my hair. That professionalism is actually very charming. *becoming a fan girl*

After haircut @ number76 Publika
After haircut @ number76 Publika

Definitely loving how I look after the haircut by Sato san. Don’t I look like a decent Japanese woman? Konnichiwa minna san~~ *bows*

Oh, I also gave my tresses some pampering by doing their famous Ultrasonic Iron treatment. Hair feels so smooth and shiny! They also used curling tongs to help me style my hair for a sexier look.

Thank you Sato san for making me beautiful! The compliments I’ve received after the haircut was a real confidence booster! You know who to find to feel pretty again 😉

Price for Director Cut: RM 98

Apart from the level of service, I also love number76 for their online appointment system. We’re all tech savvy people after all. Let’s fully utilize it!

For more information about the branches, stylists and pricing, please visit number76 official website.


  1. Poh Huai Bin says:

    Nice haircut Charmaine! The bangs (?) and curls frames your face very well.

    1. Charmaine Pua says:

      Thank you, Huai Bin! Haha ya, you can call them side bangs :p

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