Review: Estadia by Hatten Hotel @ Melaka

30 July 2015

Estadia by Hatten Hotel @ Melaka is a new 3 star luxury boutique hotel that has just opened its doors in May 2015. The interior design in Estadia by Hatten was inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Malacca’s Peranakan lifestyle.

Estadia by Hatten - Hotel Lobby

Hotel Lobby

As Melaka can be very crowded during the weekends, the location of Estadia at Melaka Raya is just perfect as it is just footsteps away from Malacca’s UNESCO World Heritage site.

Estadia by Hatten - Hotel Lift Corridor

Hotel Lift Corridor

Estadia by Hatten Hotel @ Melaka

Estadia by Hatten is an innovative home-style Peranakan luxury hotel offering 196 rooms, well suited for the intrepid traveller, families on holiday or for business stopovers.

Estadia by Hatten - Hotel Corridor Leading Towards Rooms

Hotel Corridor Leading Towards Rooms

We stayed in the 22 sq meters Estadia Deluxe room. The space wasn’t as big as expected, but it was very inviting and cozy; it almost feels like home!

Estadia by Hatten - Comfortable king size bed

Comfortable king size bed

Our room has a super comfy King size bed, fully equipped with 4 fluffy feather pillows and a quilt that provides sufficient warmth for a good night’s sleep.

Estadia by Hatten - A closer view of the bed and the paintings above

A closer view of the bed and the paintings above

Estadia by Hatten - The bed is my favorite place to be!!

The bed is my favorite place to be!!

Estadia by Hatten - I can take loads of selfies here

I can take loads of selfies here

Estadia by Hatten - Can I not get up?

Can I not get up?

An LED TV is placed strategically across the bed, great for a movie session while cuddling with the spouse.

Estadia by Hatten - LED TV


I love the harmonious fusion of modern wall colors and Peranakan styles in their furniture. The charm of heritage is brought out with the interior featuring deconstructed patterns and distinct influences of the Baba Nyonya culture. Each element is translated into modern and functional design concepts.

Estadia by Hatten - Bathroom area

Bathroom area

The bathroom area is clean, neat and spacious enough to move around. Toiletries provided were quite extensive as they’ve included conditioning shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, cotton buds, cotton pads, sewing kit, shower cap and travel toothbrush/toothpaste.

Estadia by Hatten - Toiletries


Estadia by Hatten - Hand shower & Rain shower

Hand shower & Rain shower

Who’s a fan of rain shower here like me? I love standing under the rain shower and let the water wash away my troubles. There’s also hand shower available just in case you prefer the latter.

Estadia by Hatten - Hair dryer provided!

Hair dryer provided!

The one thing that I’m very particular about hotels is – hair dryer. I think it’s a very basic thing that must be available to hotel guests. Sometimes, it’s really disappointing when I find that hair dryer is not available because I need to wait for my hair to dry completely before I sleep. Of course, I can pack it along but it will waste my luggage space. Lucky for me, Estadia by Hatten has a hair dryer readily available in the drawer.

Estadia by Hatten - Cupboard with hangers

Cupboard with hangers

Besides, there’s also an in-room safe deposit box for you to secure your valuables and most importantly, complimentary Internet access! YAY!

Estadia by Hatten - My favorite chillax activity

My favorite chillax activity

Coffee/tea making facilities are also available so you can make yourself a cup of coffee and sit near the window to observe the view of Melaka Raya.

Estadia by Hatten - Watching the world go by...

Watching the world go by…

Promotional room rates until 31 October 2015:
Estadia Deluxe – RM 188
Estadia Suite – RM 480
Estadia Deluxe Suite – RM 690
Estadia Premier Suite – RM 780

If you’re travelling to Melaka by car, you can park at the designated parking area for hotel guests at Level 5 inside Dataran Pahlawan.

Estadia by Hatten Hotel Guest Car Park

Estadia by Hatten Hotel Guest Car Park

After lazing around in our room, we went to catch Nyonya Memoirs at Dataran Pahlawan. It was an awesome interactive live theater show! Glad I didn’t miss it 🙂

Dinner was at Makan Nyonya Restaurant in Estadia by Hatten, where we savored an endless array of Peranakan a-la-carte dishes.

Makan Place Restaurant - Settlement Mango Mix

Settlement Mango Mix

While waiting for our appetizer to be served, we had a refreshing drink – Settlement Mango Mix to quench our thirst.

Makan Place Restaurant - Nyonya Ikan Bilis

Nyonya Ikan Bilis

Our appetizer was Nyonya Ikan Bilis; these spicy and sour crunchy anchovies with lemongrass and onion totally stimulated our appetite.

Makan Place Restaurant - Fish Maw Soup with Chicken Meatball

Fish Maw Soup with Chicken Meatball

Fish Maw Soup with Chicken Meatball – This freshly boiled chicken soup with minced chicken meatball and fish maw is so nutritious to the body! Collagen level up!! The soup is full of sweetness from chicken while the chicken meatball has a tender texture and immersed with chicken soup flavor.

With dearest Yvonne Sam and Lulu from lululifethings

With dearest Yvonne Sam and Lulu from lululifethings

Makan Place Restaurant - Yellow Rice

Yellow Rice

Makan Place Restaurant - Nyonya Fish Head Curry

Nyonya Fish Head Curry

Nyonya Fish Head Curry is one of the most popular dishes here among diners. At Makan Place Restaurant, Red Snapper Head is cooked in Asam Curry Broth and served with a variety of vegetables and bean curds. Goes really well with Yellow Rice!

Makan Place Restaurant - Sambal Bendi

Sambal Bendi

Sambal Bendi is a very classic Nyonya dish where lady’s finger (okra) were blanched and topped with a special Sambal sauce combined using salted shrimp paste. This is the spiciest dish among all!

Makan Place Restaurant - Sambal Petai Prawns

Sambal Petai Prawns

The thing about petai is, you either love it or hate it. For petai lovers, you will appreciate this stir-fried Sambal Petai Prawns whereby the chef is using his secret recipe for the sambal sauce!

Makan Place Restaurant - Spicy Chicken Tomato

Spicy Chicken Tomato

Spicy Chicken Tomato – The name of this dish totally deceived me. And here I thought “Oh no, not another spicy dish!”; lucky for me though that it’s actually quite mild in terms of spiciness. Plus, the tomatoes’ sourish flavor helps to neutralize the spiciness. It’s not that I don’t like spicy food but I’m still working on my tolerance level. Teehee…

I love the texture of tender, succulent chicken meat as I took a bite onto it. Can I have more please?

Falling in love with the cute enamel tiffin carriers!

Falling in love with the cute enamel tiffin carriers!

Makan Place Restaurant - Nyonya Cendol

Nyonya Cendol

Nyonya Cendol – A trip to Melaka is never complete without Nyonya Cendol. Since we had quite a tight schedule this trip, having this Nyonya Cendol at Makan Place Restaurant fulfilled our cravings.

Overall, it was a great stay at Estadia by Hatten @ Melaka with 5-star hospitality and amenities. Can’t wait to come back again!

Estadia by Hatten
Bandar Hilir, Jalan Merdeka,
75000 Melaka, Malaysia

Tel: +60 6-227 9600

Website: Estadia Hotel

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  1. macam very syok to stay there oh 🙂

  2. suituapui

    August 3

    WHAT? RM188 only for such a nice place? Gee!!! That is so so so cheap compared to hotels in KL.

  3. sherrygo

    August 6

    thanks for sharing this hotel review, we actually finding hotel in Melaka to go.

  4. Miriam Goh

    August 6

    Omg! That room looks so comfy and the food *hungry* For RM188 it is a real bargain 🙂


  5. Sharon Lee

    August 7

    The pillow definitely look so fluffy and comfy to lay on la. Its been a long time since I have been stay in Hotel. Miss the hotel bed though xD

  6. Great place for couple!! Next time visit Malacca can try this hotel out 😛

  7. Seems like a new place? I’ve heard of Hatten but not Estadia. Might check it out one day soon. The food looks sedap wei! Yummmzzz!

    • They’re very new, just opened its doors in May 2015!
      Location is beside Hatten Hotel 😀

  8. Renae Teo

    August 8

    The rooms look nicely done. And for RM 188, that price isn’t too bad. Will check out this place if I happen to have any road trips to Melaka hehe.

  9. leonamanutd

    August 8

    It looks super luxurious, it’s great that it’s walking distance to the many attractions

  10. If I’d seen this earlier .. :p Just got back from malacca! the price is pretty competitive for boutique hotels!

  11. Sin Yee

    August 9

    I only stayed at Malacca once when parents visting. Else, I will be going for day trip only. Thanks for sharing such awesome hotel!

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