Whet Your Appetite at Acme Bar & Coffee (ABC) Spring Menu Launch


Acme Bar and Coffee, a bistro set in a timeless yet contemporary ambiance at The Troika launched its spring menu today to further accentuate its perennial options. The new spring delight features a discerning and wholesome cuisine.

Acme Bar & Coffee

Acme Bar & Coffee

Showcasing the best produce and products from around the world, ABC’s thriving objectives are to foremost satisfy one’s palate with the finest ingredients they can find. The refreshing menu embraces the warmer seasons by incorporating provencal vegetables, celeriac and a new ingredient – freekeh. An ancient grain, freekeh is a delicious and nutritious young green wheat, roasted to impart a beautiful subtle flavour.

Acme Bar & Coffee - Charred Angus Flank Steak

Acme Bar & Coffee – Charred Angus Flank Steak

A strong advocate for good wholesome food, Acme delivers freshly-made dishes upon order, never pre-cooked or microwaved. Their meat dishes are air-flown chilled Australian beef. They are not frozen. They use organic eggs for their breakfast dishes because they taste better. They use French rocket in their salads because rocket salads should give a peppery taste when we bite into it.

Acme Bar & Coffee - Sizzling Spring Chicken Hot Plate

Acme Bar & Coffee – Sizzling Spring Chicken Hot Plate

This Spring, they are also paying special focus to Seed Box – an edible garden that you can grow at home. Acme Bar and Coffee is proud to announce that all proceeds from the sale of their Seed Boxes will be channelled to the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), in supporting their education initiatives and doing their bit for the conservation of our natural heritage.

Acme Bar & Coffee - Seafood Freekeh Paella

Seafood Freekeh Paella

Coffee at Acme comes from DeGayo, richly aromatic Lintong beans of the highlands of Sumatra. These beans are extracted using state-of-the-art La Marzocco Strada espresso machine. Variable pressure profiles on this machine finely extract the best from its roast and with only 10 of these machines in Malaysia, Acme Bar & Coffee has two.

Acme Bar & Coffee - Avocado and Grapefruit Fennel Salad

Acme Bar & Coffee – Avocado and Grapefruit Fennel Salad

Not forgetting the palliative spirits, ABC eminently featured one of the finest vodka brands – Reyka from Iceland. It boasts a super smooth body with crispness from its Arctic heritage. Hand crafted, Arctic spring water is collected from a 4,000 year old lava field as filtration process. It is then distilled using geo-thermal energy. Appreciate it simply with tonic adorned by a wedge of grapefruit, or opt for Shawn Chong of Omakase & Appreciate’s unique cocktail, available throughout the GoodSeed Spring Menu from 26 March to 18 June 2015.

Acme Bar & Coffee - Apple Cinnamon Pie

Apple Cinnamon Pie

Acme Bar & Coffee - Mango Pistachio Roulade

Mango Pistachio Roulade

New Spring Menu Dishes

Pots & Pans
Crostino Troika – Spicy duck chorizo, mushroom feta cheese, scrambled eggs with salmon gravlax on crispy crostini
Crispy Prawn Bites – Deep fried whole prawns with chimichurri dip and lime halves
Charred Brussels Sprouts – Brussels sprouts lightly dusted with anchovies, chilli and spiced Rice Krispies

Soups, Salads & Sandwiches
Soft Shell Crab Corn Chowder – Hearty corn chowder with tempura soft shell crab dusted with sumac and coriander
Avocado & Grapefruit Fennel Salad – Curled fennel, rocket, spiced Rice Krispies with coffee coriander chilli vinaigrette
Salmon Gravlax Freekeh Salad – Freekeh, beetroot, radish with herbed cream cheese spread on crispy bread

Pasta & Pizzadillas
Charred & Grilled Pasta – Fettuccine tossed with charred broccoli, grilled zucchini, crispy torn bread, chilli flakes, Parmesan and dukkah spices
Spicy Sambal Prawn Pizzadillas – Fresh shrimp, capsicum, pineapple & cherry tomato with spicy sambal sauce and mozzarella cheese topping
Charred & Grilled Veggie Pizzadillas – Grilled zucchini, charred broccoli, spring onion on tomato coulis, mozzarella cheese topping and dukkah oil

Sizzling Spring Chicken Hot Plate – Spring chicken on sizzling hot plate with roasted aromatic vegetables with chimichurri and sage jus
Seafood Freekeh Paella – Crawfish, squid, black mussel fresh paella with fresh herbs and coriander aioli
Charred Angus Flank Steak – Rubbed with mixed spice, apple jam, Provencal vegetable, celeriac chips with chimichurri dip

Mango Pistachio Roulade – Mango and cheese cake layer with fresh mango topping and pistachio nut
Apple Cinnamon Pie – Cinnamon crust apple with choice of ice cream: Vanilla or Milo

Acme Bar & Coffee
Unit G1, The Troika,
19, Persiaran KLCC,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2162 2288

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  1. Foong Pc

    April 14

    I have never been to Acme Bar and Coffee before! Maybe I should visit it one day!

  2. Foong Pc

    April 14

    I have never been to Acme Bar and Coffee before! Maybe I should visit it one day!

  3. tekkaus

    April 15

    Their food looks very "rustic" and countryside-like aye. 😀

  4. tekkaus

    April 16

    Their food looks very “rustic” and countryside-like aye. 😀

  5. Camy

    April 16

    oh food 🙁

  6. Camy

    April 17

    oh food 🙁

  7. Awww… why so sad?

  8. Yupz… you like this style?

  9. Billy Toh

    June 29

    This place is great but it's pretty pricey I feel.

  10. Billy Toh

    June 29

    This place is great but it’s pretty pricey I feel.

  11. Good and wholesome food ain't cheap these days 😉

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