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Alcatel Flash Poster1 | #BEaFlasher with Alcatel Onetouch Flash
Hello my lovelies!! Now, this is a very good news for selfie/wefie addicts. I definitely understand how frustrating it is when you need to take few hundreds of shots (I know I’m a bit exaggerating but you know what I mean right?) before you get than 1 perfect selfie. But with a smartphone that has only 2MP front camera, how is it possible to take a flawless selfie? And selfie cameras are insanely expensive!
Alcatel Onetouch Flash Poster
Alcatel Onetouch Flash Poster
But fret not as Alcatel Onetouch, a French brand smartphone that is the top 10 best selling smartphone brand in 2013 along side Samsung, Lenovo and many more has just launched one of the best selfie phone in Malaysia called Alcatel Onetouch Flash. Alcatel Onetouch Flash is a strong contender for Xiaomi Redmi Note as the price is almost similar but with stronger features. Based on Antutu benchmark app, Alcatel Onetouch Flash surpasses Xiaomi Redmi Note in terms of performance.
Antutu benchmark: Alcatel Onetouch Flash vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note
Antutu benchmark: Alcatel Onetouch Flash vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note
Armed with 5MP HD Front Camera with 13MP Full HD Back Camera, perfect selfies and #OOTD photos are almost guaranteed! For your convenience, there’s a beauty enhancer mode without the need for 3rd party apps. Besides the camera features, it is also very powerful with true Octa-core processor for better gaming and watching shows on its 5.5 inches HD screen. Well, it is true that the larger the screen is, the more power it will consume. Hence, Alcatel Onetouch Flash comes with a large battery life of 3,200 mAh that can last more than a day on average use. In conjunction with the launch of Alcatel Onetouch Flash, #BEaFlasher campaign was introduced to embrace the culture of expressing their individuality through selfies. Be sure to check out #BEaFlasher campaign on Instagram and FB.
For more information on Alcatel Onetouch Flash and technical specs, check out https://www.gsmarena.com/alcatel_flash-7189.php
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