#LovingYou #4 – Brunch vs. Branch

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When we were scouting for banquet restaurants, my future sister-in-law suggested Emperor Garden, Goldhill Club @ Menjalara because the food is really good (according to her experience la). So we went there to enquire but unfortunately it was fully booked although there’s still 6 months left to our wedding banquet. I guess this is normal if we want to book auspicious date.

Brunch vs. Branch

Me: Hmmm dunno this Goldhill got branch or not leh hor? Him: But I don’t like brunch leh, very rush. Me: But I’m talking about branch wor… BRANCH. Him: Ya la, restaurant where got provide brunch de… only lunch and dinner ma Me: *EXPLODES* It’s branch la!!! B-R-A-N-C-H!!! D-O-I-N-E-E-D-T-O-S-P-E-L-L-O-U-T-E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G-?
Brunch vs. Branch *annoyed look*
Brunch vs. Branch *annoyed look*
We can’t help but to laugh hysterically upon realizing how hilarious this situation was!
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  1. Camy says:

    LOLLLLL brunch!

  2. anis_farhana says:

    so funny! haha

  3. Wendy Pua says:

    LOL , so funny!

  4. HenRy Lee says:

    banana? hahhahaa…. it's normal for couples to get misunderstood geh 😛

  5. Charmaine Pua says:

    Haha apa banana? XD

  6. Isaac Tan says:

    hehe, it is rather hillarious 😛

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