H-Artistry 2013 @ MIECC

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H-Artistry - The Global Art of Mixing
H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing
H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing stormed KL for the first time this year, and treated more than 4000 party revellers to a spectacular mix of stellar musical acts from across the globe, as well as delectable Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks, amidst the trademark black and red H-Artistry party atmosphere on 2nd November 2013.

H-Artistry 2013 @ MIECC

As H-Artistry is one of the most anticipating parties of the year, I just couldn’t contain my excitement! Kicking off the night was the H-Artistry Art of Mixing Zone and that serves Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks: Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda. Also not forgetting My Hennessy Moment Photo Booth to bring your precious party memories home.
My Hennessy Moment Photo Booth
My Hennessy Moment Photo Booth
LOL our funny moments at H-Artistry!
LOL our funny moments at H-Artistry!
I arrived at 9pm and I was lucky that the main clubbing event was just about to start. We were greeted by the host, Julie Woon and Zher that kicked off the start of the biggest party of the year, H-Artistry 2013. The energy in the main arena peaked as the countdown rounded off with an electrifying laser show, striking LED visuals, and dancers equipped with co2 smoke guns. The party smoke cleared up and revealed Malaysia’s Electro heroes, Lapsap spinning away and dropping techno tunes from behind the DJ console.
Electrifying laser show and striking LED visuals while Lapsap was spinning
Electrifying laser show and striking LED visuals while Lapsap was spinning
With excitement running high, NS Yoon-G soon took over and surprised the crowd with an energetic K-Pop filled performance. It’s funny to see the crowd of guys swarming in front of the stage, trying to get a closer shot of her. I love watching her cute, infectious dance moves! As the cheers grew louder, British vocal powerhouse and showstopper, Neon Hitch took over the stage with her famous Billboard chart topper “Love U Betta”. With the dimming of stage lights, Popsical, took the stage with a cello and guitar and started off with an instrumental intro to “Let The Love”, while Dmitry KO made his presence obvious from behind the deck as he dropped an explosive dose of electro house music. Dmitry got the crowd pumping as he administered Big Room tunes that were a crossbreed of progressive, pop, classical, and electro beats. The build-up to the EDM journey hit an explosive crescendo when world-renowned trance hard-hitter, Jochen Miller stepped on stage and delivered waves of fist-pumping EDM drops, accompanied by stunning laser projections, which got us dancing the night away with glasses of Hennessy V.S.O.P in hand. To be honest, I love Zone O’s location for bloggers this year because it’s just at the front right side of the stage! We can see the artistes clearer! Too bad I didn’t a photographer pass this year so I couldn’t bring my dedicated DSLR along to capture a good shot of the performers. I desperately need a mirrorless camera and a better phone to camwhore with my babes! Any sponsor? *no shame*
Thanks to Isaac Tan for this lovely pic!
Thanks to Isaac Tan for this lovely pic!
H-Artistry KL 2013 at MIECC was truly a night of musical artistry, paired with a sensational experience befitting of an epic finale for the H-Artistry series of epic super-clubbing parties for 2013. I really enjoyed the night catching up with my blogger friends and surprisingly bumped into 3 secondary school friends!! ^_^
PESS girl rocks! With Yvonne, Andrea and Mun Yee
PESS girl rocks! With Yvonne, Andrea and Mun Yee
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  1. Foong Pc says:

    H-Artistry again? Time flies!

  2. okayarms says:

    Haha it seems that you enjoy drinking from the pics 😀 jk

    Happy Monday!

  3. Poh Huai Bin says:

    Very nice! I used to go last time but now totally retired from clubbing.

    I do like a drink or two on weekends though. Haha!

  4. Isaac Tan says:

    Drink up!

  5. HenRy Lee says:

    It was short but fun… hopefully next year would be more fun! 🙂

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