60 Vespas Up for Grab from DiGi in 60 Days!

60 Vespas Up for Grab from DiGi in 60 Days! 1

This contest came just at the right time! Clumsy Boy was telling me that he wanted to subscribe to Internet plan on his DiGi prepaid few days ago because sometimes he felt bored while waiting for me to finish attending event. So I thought, true also la… sometimes he need to be connected via Skype for work purpose and to check his work email on the go and it’s a hassle to tether my connection.

As I’ve been subscribing Internet plan from them since 2 years ago, I can really feel that it’s very convenient to be connected the world no matter where I am. Mostly I use it to Instagram and keep my readers updated on what I’m doing and eating :p

So there’s 60 spanking new Vespa scooters to be won in 60 days duration from DiGi! All you need to do is subscribe to any of their Prepaid Mobile Internet and you will earn yourself entries to the contest. There’s 1 Vespa to be won each day! If you’re chosen to be their participant, all you have to do is answer a simple question. Answer the question correctly and you could vroooommm away with a shiny new Vespa!

60 Vespas Up for Grab from DiGi in 60 Days! 2

Hurry up and subscribe to DiGi Prepaid Mobile Internet plans by dialling *116#. There’s only 36 Vespas remaining!! Remember, the higher your Internet quota, the more entries you get and thus, your chance of winning will be higher.

60 Vespas Up for Grab from DiGi in 60 Days! 3

More info on “60 Vespa, 60 Days” contest can be found here: https://bit.ly/1fDyo8R

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  1. HenRy Lee

    September 30

    I'm using DiGi! Yay!! I want a Vespa! Tired of the jam ady 🙁

  2. I know right! Me too! Day and night also jam wan >__<

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