20 hopefuls. 1 hope.

The MFace 2mins-2fame Grand Finale @ Genting International Convention Centre on 21st July 2013!
Tens of thousands of Malaysian hopefuls dreamt of being a star… and on July 21st only one will be crowned a superstar at the Genting International Convention Centre.
Thousands of aspiring hopefuls flocked online to audition the best 2 minutes of their lives for a shot at fame.
Under the guidance of an unparalleled star like Dato’ AC Mizal, crowd-favorite comedian Sathiya, and the incomparable host Chiong Pei Pei, the contestants gave it their all during 6 preliminary rounds across the nation – to be THE MALAYSIAN SUPERSTAR.
Now, after fierce competition only 20 of the most talented finalists remain fighting for a chance at the coveted title!
20 hopefuls. 1 hope. 1
20 hopefuls. 1 hope. 2
They are:
Penang Times Square (Round 1)
Jamilah Abu Bakar
Blazin Squad – BBoy Dance
Jack T – Dance
Viva Home Cheras, KL (Round 2)
Avery & Sylvia – Quick Change Act
Vanessa Wong – Performance Art
Hip Flo – Dance
AEON Bandaraya Melaka (Round 3)
Jackson Chua – Dance
Amelia Lee – Dance
Yee Jia Hui – Singing
KSL City Mall, JB (Round 4)
Wani – Singing
Play Play Boyz – Dance
PC Freestyle – Juggling Act
Sunway Pyramid, Selangor (Round 5)
Rejuvenate Dance Crew ft Beat Nation– Beat Boxing & Dance
Nicholas Kho – Dance
Fantasy Crew – Acrobatic
Berjaya Times Square, KL (Round 6)
Mezan – Roti Canai Terbang
Fire Eater – Fire Act
Jess Lee Pei Ling – Singing
Aby Norila – Singing
Chan Sher Ly – Dance
Check out the Grand Finale contenders on MFace 2mins-2fame’s Youtube page: www.youtube.com/user/2minutes2fame
The judges guide and judge and critique, but it was the Malaysian people who determined which of the auditioners will advance to MFACE 2-minutes-2fame GRAND FINALE at GENTING INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE on the 21st of JULY 2013.
Votes cast through smses, newspaper entries and online submissions eventually narrowed down to 20 finalists who will compete for some major prizes and the Malaysian Superstar title. This is their first step in becoming household names and making their mark.
In addition to being the next BIG THING in show business, the 20 finalists will stand to win major prizes:
  • 1st Prize – Luxury Car + RM30,000 cash + Aver products worth RM1,500
  • 2nd Prize – 4D3N Australia Gold Coast holiday + RM15,000 cash + Aver products worth RM1,500
  • 3rd Prize – 3D2N Lang Tengah island holiday + RM5000 cash + Aver products worth RM1,500
  • BEST SMS – RM2000 cash + MBI Water Purifier + Aver products worth RM500
  • BEST STAGE PERFORMANCE – RM2000 cash + MBI Air Purifier + Aver products worth RM500

Witness the rise to stardom and fame of ONE special MALAYSIAN SUPERSTAR at GENTING INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE on the 21st of JULY 2013.
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  1. suituapui

    July 19

    Wow!!! Awesome prizes! Good luck to all… You're not joining? 😉

  2. Haha no la… I'm a shy person… scared I might have stage fright!

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