tallpiscesgirl.com’s 4th Blogniversary

6 February 2013
Aigoooooooo~~~ Eh no… wrong expression. I should be very happy today cos it’s my blog’s 4th blogniversary!! WEE~~~!! I know many people gonna ask: “4th year? But how come I only know/seen you lately?” Oh ya, actually I was quite inactive during the first 2.5 years and mostly blog about personal stuff only. Some of the posts don’t even have any views… *sad*

So why did I “Aigoooooooo~~~” just now? Cos the first batch of my fried crabsticks failed… I put whole plate into the wok and all crabsticks stuck on the wok T.T Luckily dad helped me to settle the rest and taught me how to do it *touched*

After everything’s done (it took me 3 hours), I’m now hungry cos I haven’t eat my dinner yet despite it’s 10pm now and my face is all oily thanks to the frying process. I got no mood to even cook instant noodle now so maybe I’ll take a shower first. Anyway, will blog about my fried crabstick disaster really soon. Here’s the successful fried crabsticks LOL!

Fried crabsticks
Fried crabsticks

And before I leave, should I organize a giveaway? Lemme know! =)

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  1. Camy Lau

    February 6

    woooo! happy 4th blogniversary to tallpiscesgirl.com! yes u should! 😀

  2. Happy 4th blogniversary to tallpiscesgirl.com. My blog also same like yours. Not really active for the first few years and even also no views and comments at all. Both of us pisces, keep blogging forever =D

    You should do the giveaway. Looking forward for that.

  3. foongpc

    February 6

    Wow! 4 years in blogosphere already? Congratulations! : )

  4. foongpc

    February 6

    Your next mission : Make pineapple tarts! Hahaha

  5. ChrisAu

    February 6

    happy anniversary, tallpiscesgirl.com

  6. Huai Bin

    February 6

    Happy blogniversary Charmaine!!!! 😀

    4 years is good – if you can get past 2-3 years, you'll be here to stay.

    Keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks! I guess only being active for past 2-3 years can count LOL!

  7. Henry Tan

    February 7

    yesss u shud and please give it to me!! HAHAHAHA

  8. Cindy Tong

    February 7

    Giveaway… I want… Happy 4th Blognivessary dear!looking forward for more great post from u!

  9. Congras…and yes why not have a blog giveaway…its always fun!

  10. HenRy LeE

    February 7

    happy anniversary to ur blog and happy CNY! 🙂

  11. suituapui

    February 7

    Happy blog-anniversary and wishing you lots and lots of happy blogging years to come.

  12. Wilson Ng

    February 7

    Congrats on your 4th year anniversary!

    More great years ahead!


  13. Jaclyn

    February 7

    wahhhhhh, congrats dear!! <3

  14. Choi Yen

    February 8

    Normally I'll do it in smaller pieces 🙂
    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  15. Kian Fai Koh

    February 8

    so . . . MANA CNY Giveaway la ? XD

    Happy CNY Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

  16. Xue Ren

    February 8

    Happy blog anniversary babe!!! Keep on blogging about nice stuffs and share with your readers! 😀

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