tallpiscesgirl.com’s 4th Blogniversary

Aigoooooooo~~~ Eh no… wrong expression. I should be very happy today cos it’s my blog’s 4th blogniversary!! WEE~~~!! I know many people gonna ask: “4th year? But how come I only know/seen you lately?” Oh ya, actually I was quite inactive during the first 2.5 years and mostly blog about personal stuff only. Some of the posts don’t even have any views… *sad*

So why did I “Aigoooooooo~~~” just now? Cos the first batch of my fried crabsticks failed… I put whole plate into the wok and all crabsticks stuck on the wok T.T Luckily dad helped me to settle the rest and taught me how to do it *touched*

After everything’s done (it took me 3 hours), I’m now hungry cos I haven’t eat my dinner yet despite it’s 10pm now and my face is all oily thanks to the frying process. I got no mood to even cook instant noodle now so maybe I’ll take a shower first. Anyway, will blog about my fried crabstick disaster really soon. Here’s the successful fried crabsticks LOL!

Fried crabsticks
Fried crabsticks

And before I leave, should I organize a giveaway? Lemme know! =)

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