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How does a brand new Samsung 40” Full HD LED TV, the Pioneer Blu-Ray Front Surround System, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0” and Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100 sounds to you? Awesome right? If you’re an Xpax member, you stand a chance to win amazing gadgets everyday worth RM 10,000 for their Whatchuwant Campaign! *Excited!!!*
YES! RM 10,000 daily!
YES! RM 10,000 daily!
What do you need to do? Well, honestly I’m kinda surprised to know that it’s so easy to win. You don’t need to know rocket science to win these awesome prizes!
OK, here’s what you need to do. Pick up your mobile phone and press *128#, then press “Call”. Pick any of the Whatchuwant packs that meets your needs most and stand a chance to win these awesome gadgets daily!
Press *128#, then press “Call”
Press *128#, then press “Call”
Pick and win! As easy as that!
Pick and win! As easy as that!
And if you’re craving for more, here’s what they’ve got in store for you! Whatchuwant is giving away a once in a lifetime opportunity to Xpax members to have their ride pimped with MTV Pimp My Ride on special SURPRISE DAYS! On these surprise days, instead of the gadgets worth RM 10,000 when you pick any of the Whatchuwant pack, you’ll stand a chance to give your ride a complete makeover. PLUS, the winners will be featured on the first ever MTV Pimp My Ride show in Asia! Wootz!! Winners will be announced on xpax.com.my so remember to check it diligently! Well let’s see… If I ever have the chance to pimp my ride, how would I want it to be? Interior mods
  1. Firstly, the thing that I REALLY REALLY wanna get is a built-in GPS for my car. Considering that I need to attend events at different places quite frequently nowadays, the frequency of getting lost is very high! Although there’s GPS app on my phone, but it’s a hassle because I’ll need to mount it on my windscreen everytime I need to use it.
    car gps accidents 2 | Xpax Whatchuwant "Pimp My Ride"
    Car GPS (Source)
  2. It’ll also be perfect if I can have an in-car TV so that I can watch my favorite Running Man series while I’m stuck in traffic jam. It wouldn’t feel so bad if I can laugh and bring some positive vibe inside me. Besides, my friends can get to sing karaoke when we go for roadtrips! La la la~~~
    In-car TV
    In-car TV (Source)
  3. Cool audio system is definitely a must for me because what I love most is listening to good music. It can instantly de-stress me after a long day at work, forgetting all my worries. But a good song can only sound good if the audio system is good enough! Imagine great vocals and strong bass! *eargasm*
    Cool audio system
    Cool audio system (Source)
Exterior mods
  1. I don’t know if anyone has ever seen this but I saw this at Eneos some time back and I’m totally in love with it. It’s called chameleon paint! The color of your car changes depending on which angle you look at it. Cool? 😀
  2. Sophisticated rims would be sufficient for me if I’m getting the chameleon paint on its body or else it’ll look too flashy!
If you realized, I care for inner beauty more than exterior because… that’s exactly who I am (thick skinned)! Just kidding… honestly, functionality is more important to me because I want my life to be simpler instead of just getting envied :p After knowing my high quality of taste (ahem ahem), I’m sure you’re curious to see how my current car looks like right? Jeng jeng jeng~~ Presenting to you… my beloved Little Kenari!!~~
Little Kenari
Little Kenari
In these past years, I have treated it with tender loving care but then, ‘wrinkles’ are still unavoidable… Due to limited parking space near my living area, sometimes my car will get scratched if I parked at other people’s usual area. T.T
So… hopefully I’ll be able to get a makeover for my Little Kenari as I’m not planning to change car anytime soon! I was so desperate to win until I sacrificed myself and took photos of my car in the rain since it rained every time I want to take photos of it. Touched? XD
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  1. Merryn says:

    Gooooood luck to ya! 😀

  2. foongpc says:

    I think the chameleon car is very flashy already!! LOL! Good luck! : )

  3. Simple Person says:

    good luck to u ..
    hope that you can give ur lil kenari a makeover..

  4. suituapui says:

    Ya…good luck to you! Awesome ride – but in my dreams…in my dreams. Sobssss!!!!!

  5. MichLeong says:

    TV in car…dangerous wo. haha. Good luck!

  6. Shirley Tay says:

    Charmaine, u're getting a lot of reviews lately. Congrats!

  7. MichLeong says:

    Good luck! 😀 😀

  8. Charmaine Pua says:

    Thanks everyone!! <3

  9. Fer Haru says:

    fuaaaaaaa… good luck babe!

  10. SiMon Har says:

    good luck!!

  11. Hilda Milda™ says:

    Cool audio then can party in the car liao 😛 HEHEHE Btw, good luck! 😀

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