Spider-Man 3D Floor Graphic

31 July 2012
While I was in Penang for a holiday during end of June, I spotted this 3D floor graphic of Spiderman at the main entrance of Gurney Plaza. It was done by the students and lecturers of The One Academy, Penang. Too bad that it will only there for 2 weeks. After 5th June, it’s gone. I think they should retain it as it certainly will bring more tourists to Gurney Plaza!
Spider-Man 3D Floor Graphic

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  1. Aiya you should've taken the picture of the whole entrance as memorabilia ma haha

    • They have some dividers there so it won't look nice with them around 🙁

    • Tony Teh

      August 2

      Take only ma. And show both shots =)

  2. foongpc

    July 31

    That's it? Wow! Incredibly short post!!!

  3. foongpc

    July 31

    Oh! Nice 3D graphic! Too bad they will be removing it!

  4. room8five

    July 31

    I had the same idea that I wanted to suggest to Sunway xD would have attract more people to come. Seriously 3D arts is way awesome 😀

  5. Very nice! Why only for 2 weeks? Paid to put it up while the movie was showing in town?

  6. Wow..Nice. They should put it up longer!

  7. yup they should put it longer..
    maybe they need to ask for permission..

  8. Why would they wanna remove it… I don't understand hehee. Just leave it la, even if it's just promotion stuff 😛

  9. Huai Bin

    August 1

    Nice! There's a lot of street art in Penang like this, saw some with bicycles and graffiti. 🙂

  10. that's really nice! am sure the spidey fans pretty much took quite a bit of pics there.

  11. Constance Ant

    August 2

    i saw that too! and yeah couldn't really snap a nice shot thanks to the divider!

  12. Camy

    August 2

    niceeee i didnt' get to go see it

  13. Err I didn't know there's this Spiderman 3D graphic! short post but great one ^^

  14. Xue Ren

    August 3

    wow! awesome weyy! 🙂

  15. Merryn

    August 7

    WoW! This is NICE! I would love to see it on the streets of KL!

  16. nice! nice! Reminds me of the one on the TGV pillar in Sunway.

  17. Ken

    August 7

    haha, saw this all over facebook earlier ago, i did went to Gurney Plaza during that time but kinda left this out >_<

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