Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)

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DSC 0153 | Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)
Hey guys! I just wanna share some photos of Straits Quay that I took during the day 🙂 Take it like a tour haha! Stay tuned for night time photos too! ENJOY!

DSC 0153 | Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)
Perfect place to chill in the evening 🙂

DSC 0140 | Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)
Coming from the carpark (back entrance)

DSC 0141 | Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)
Roofs that allow direct sunlight to shine through

DSC 0145 | Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)
Straits Quay Main Entrance

DSC 0146 | Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)
Straits Quay Main Entrance with a Christmas tree!

DSC 0147 | Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)
The view of the dock from Level 2

DSC 0148 | Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)
Envying people’s boat LOL

DSC 0149 | Photo: Straits Quay @ Penang (Day)
Just a random staircase :p
I went there on a weekday and it’s really quiet. Not many people there and I was wondering whether it’ll be dangerous to walk alone. Most eateries are high class and expensive too. Not for people like me :p

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  1. Azuan says:

    Lawa gambar-gambarnya… 🙂

  2. annant says:

    it's even prettier at night! all the lighting and the cool breeze by the sea…lomantic! haha

  3. Huai Bin says:

    Yeah, I've been here before. It's a beautiful place eh? 🙂

  4. Charmaine says:

    Azuan: Thank you!

    annant: Yes, I agree! Will be posting up the night time photos tonight!

    Huai Bin: Yeah, a high class place. Kinda like Pavilion for Penang haha

  5. Blackswan says:

    Thks for sharing! Hope I get the chance to visit the next time I go to Msia 🙂

  6. darranlow says:

    Love the colonial style architecture!

  7. Nicholas Chan says:

    I like Straits Quay, I always go there for drinks with friends. Best part of all, FREE PARKING now.=D

  8. Charmaine says:

    Blackswan: Yeah it's a must-go place in Penang!

    darranlow: I can see they put a lot of effort in architecture 😀

    Nicholas: LOL yeah but I think they will charge in the future lor

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