Vanness Wu 吳建豪 C’est la V Promo Tour 2011 @ Overtime Rivercity, Jalan Ipoh

On 18th December 2011, Vanness Wu 吳建豪 was here in KL for the promo of his latest album, C’est La V. WOOHOO!! It was supposed to start at 7pm but then as you know of Malaysian timing, it only started at 8.10pm.
He sang a few songs including Is This All and 有你在 before proceeding for autograph session 🙂
Sorry for the blurry photos though cos I had to zoom using my phone’s camera.
The Stage #1

The Stage #2

Vanness is here! <3

So many iPads there, making me tempted to buy one :p

Chit-chatting session

Do come back soon to Malaysia!

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