Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 (NAPBAS)

This year, Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 was held in Putrajaya Marriot Hotel at IOI Resort City. My day didn’t start well though. In fact, I’ve never been in such FML moment before in my life but I won’t go to that part. It’s just that one of it is: I forgot to bring my digital camera T.T My phone camera still works but the quality sucks under low lights so that explains the following photos I’m gonna post. And because of that, I didn’t take much photo. Most photos were taken by Michelle cos she has a DSLR. I’ll link them up here when she posted it :p

Can you spot me?? :p

L-R: Me, Celine, Bendan, Jiayeen, Jayren, Michelle and Henry Tan 😀

The co-founders of Nuffnang (Timothy Tiah and Ming Shen) giving a speech 🙂

The lucky guy who got to sit with so many female bloggers, Ernest Ng!

Weh bro, serious a bit bro!! XD

Jiayeen and I <3

Being a foodie myself, how can I miss taking photos of the food served? It’s really yummy but a bit too heavy for me though. I couldn’t finish the chicken dish :p

Mediterranean Seafood Terrine with Wasabi Tobiko Dressing on Crispy Lettuce *heavenly*

Puree of Split Pea Soup with Herb Twist

Grape Sorbet with Fresh Mint
Pistachio Crumbed Baked Chicken Supreme with Thyme Gravy served with lasagna potatoes & garden green vegetables
The baked chicken’s meat is a bit tough. I love the lasagna potatoes though.
Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup with strawberry and vanilla sauce
Luckily I still can sleep after having this :p

Tiger Crystal FTW! Refreshingly different wor!

Michelle Leong – one of my partners in crime

Celine – another partner in crime XD

Yours truly 🙂 Yeah I’m so glad I have both of them cos I don’t know much people there 🙁 #foreveralone

Happiest moment in NAPBAS was when I got to take a photo with Huai Bin of! XD
If I missed this time, I don’t know when will have another chance lor :/

Huai Bin and I *YAY!*

Although it was a really tough day for me, I’m glad it ended with something good (BTW, I also found a needle inside my dress FML) 😀 After NAPBAS, we went to the after-party at Zouk and the three of us (Michelle, Celine and I) lost our (clubbing) virginity on that fateful night HAHAHAHA!

Congratulations to all award winners!
Best Parenting Blog –
Best Geek Blog –
Best Photography
Best Food Blog
Best Fashion
Best Lifestyle Blog –
Most Original Blog Design
Best Travel Blog
Best Entertainment
Best Micro-Blog – 
Hidden Gem
Most Influential Blog
Region’s Best

For more official photos, please visit NAPBAS’ Flickr account.

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