Oh My Car!!!

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DSC02348 | Oh My Car!!!
Oh my car!!! USJ is flooded today after a heavy rain! Luckily I went to save my car before anything bad happened.

DSC02348 | Oh My Car!!!
The little Kenari is my car… If the water got a little higher, water will flow into my car when I open the door!
Check out the blue car!

IMAG0786 | Oh My Car!!!
See how deep the water is?


  1. Huai Bin says:

    Today? It was raining at Bangsar too but it wasn't as bad as USJ.

    That is REALLY DEEP water. Flash flood from clogged drains?

    Hope your car turns out alright!

  2. Charmaine says:

    Huai Bin: Yeah we were so surprised too. It just started raining few minutes and already start flooding. Thank God my car is OK! 🙂

  3. ken says:

    malaysia should building another SMART tunnel.. better than a skyscraper I believe 😛

  4. Eric Lee says:

    tzk tzk…subang jaya getting worse la…stay there for more than 10 years now, last time no such thing happen also..

  5. Kelvin says:

    It has been raining these few days?
    And ya, no comment system~

  6. Charmaine says:

    Kelvin: Yeah, even this morning also rained. Luckily it's stopped now

  7. Camy says:

    goshhh, flood?

  8. Blackswan says:

    Oh dear, that's terrible! Glad u're alright 🙂

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