Movie Review: Vampires Suck

Movie Review: Vampires Suck 1

At first, I really didn’t put much hope into this movie because I don’t really like movies like Scary Movie and Disaster Movie.

Movie Review: Vampires Suck 2
The Sullen (Cullen) Family
Movie Review: Vampires Suck 3
Becca (Bella) and Jacob White (Jacob Black)
Movie Review: Vampires Suck 4
Zolturi (Volturi)

Surprisingly, this movie came out to be better than them. Although the movie is also adopting sarcasm concept, but at least they didn’t mix up too many scenes from other movies. The whole movie is mostly taken from Twilight and New Moon. Conclusion: It isn’t that suck 🙂

Check out some funny quotes from the movie here.

  1. Cik Norfa

    August 30

    saya gelak besar dalam panggung tengok movie ni =)

  2. agusta

    August 30

    i really like this kind of movie campared to Moon Eclipse' 😛

  3. I was looking for review about this movie when I accidently stumble on your blog. FYI, I am a fan of "A Mr Cullen" hehehe. So when you say "it isn't that sucks" how do rate it? Is it enjoyable, excellent or "can see" lah? Thanks.

  4. Charmaine

    September 1

    @Rainbow: I'd say "can see lah"… rating 6.5/10

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