What If I’m a Russian Spy

What If I’m a Russian Spy 1

If I’m a Russian Spy, Mother Russia will entrust me with the mission to protect all other Russian Spy.
This is because I am the best Skilled Spy that no other Russian Spy even dare come close to.

Maybe you’ll ask “Why don’t Mother Russia just assign you with the mission of the Russian Spy that you are supposed to protect?”.
This is simply because… I CHARGE VERY HIGH for other missions and VERY CHEAP for Russian Spy Protection mission.
Mother Russia is surely clever.

Anyway, so how will I execute my mission to protect the Russian Spy?
Simple. I use super cool gadgets of course. What kind of Spy that doesn’t use super cool gadget especially Best Skilled Spy like me?
I’ll use my Memory Eraser gadget to erase the memory of those who knew the identity of the Russian Spy since keeping our identity secret is more important than completing the mission.

What If I’m a Russian Spy 2

So you think this is a camera? WRONG! This is my Memory Eraser ngek ngek ngek…

With the Russian Spy identity being kept secret at all times, I would say that completing our mission is as easy as stealing a candy.