Funny + Frustrating Experience at Post Office (Part 2)

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If you’ve missed the part 1 story of this topic, you can read it here. I didn’t expect there’ll be a part 2 though haha…

So this story was told by my bf cos I was waiting for him in the car. Before he went out, I asked him to bring along some coins cos I wanna use them out and I’m so sure the postage for the parcel is RM 5.70 so this is a good chance to use them up.

Lazy woman staff: RM 6 pls
BF: *Huh? Why so expensive? Hands her RM 6 hesitantly*
Lazy woman staff: *Gives back change of RM 0.30*
BF: *Vomit blood*

I vomit blood too as he handed me back the coins.

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