Life at Manjung – Day 2

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It’s 10.10pm now and I’m sitting at McDonalds Manjung, just because I needed internet connection to settle my clients’ problems. I wonder how can TNB Janamanjung does not provide us with internet connection?

I will definitely die without internet. Seriously. They really need to improve on this.
They’re security is very tight though. And I’m glad that I have the chance to enter to experience and see how it looks like inside 🙂

Oh yea, during a safety talk that I attended there today, I have been told to wear slacks instead of skirt although my skirt is below knee length. How conservative!

The problem is, I only brought my skirts and jeans. So I’ll have to wear jeans tomorrow. Won’t give a damn about professionalism anymore.

But honestly, I felt that I can work better here without clients bugging me than working in office.

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