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Cheapest Way from Hong Kong International Airport to City

27 February 2018
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There are 3 ways to get from Hong Kong International Airport to city i.e. Airport bus, Airport Express, and taxi.

Cheapest Way from Hong Kong International Airport to City

However, the most straightforward and budget-friendly aka cheapest way is to take the Airport Bus. For my case, I was heading to Hello Inn located at Tsim Tsa Tsui. Other means of transportation would require me to switch to another transport before I can reach Hello Inn. Plus, it also costs a lot more.

10 Interesting Things You Can Do Onboard Costa Victoria

17 November 2017
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I was totally exhilarated when I get to know that I’ll be boarding the Costa Victoria on a 5D4N trip. At the same time, a few friends asked me, “But won’t you feel bored being on a cruise for 5 days? That’s too long!”. After experiencing it, I can safely conclude that 5 days 4 nights is just right to enjoy all the facilities on board! Don’t believe me? Follow me as I list out all the activities you can do when onboard Costa Victoria.

Costa Victoria from Deck 14, Solarium

Costa Victoria from Deck 14, Solarium

First things first; let’s get to know more about Costa Victoria and things that you need to take note.

The ENTERTAINER 2018 Unveils More Buy 1 Free 1 Deals!

16 November 2017
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As you might have known, I have been supporting The ENTERTAINER, the global incentives brand for more than 2 years now.
You can read all my The ENTERTAINER posts here: tallpiscesgirl X The ENTERTAINER


Last week, The ENTERTAINER has launched its range of products for 2018 and I noticed there are some significant enhancements to their offerings.

Special highlights:

  • For a limited time period only, you get to save RM240 off the regular price on The Entertainer 2018!
  • Purchasing The Entertainer 2018 will also unlock 2017 offers so you can start saving right away!!
  • Early bird purchases will receive Cheers Malaysia 2018 & Bali 2018 for FREE!!!