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Synergy Marine to Lead Malaysia’s First LNG-Powered Vessel Shipbuilding

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Leading integrated ship management brand, Synergy Marine joined forces with MTCMS Design Sdn Bhd and Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Berhad (through their subsidiary Shin Yang Shipyards Sdn Bhd) to design, build and deliver Malaysia’s First LNG-Powered Vessel Shipbuilding. This is bound to set a key milestone in Malaysia’s maritime industry as one of the most advanced Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) being designed, built and operated by Malaysian companies. She is not only the first vessel in Malaysia and across Asia, but also the first to be built on Malaysian shores.

Which are the Best Foods for a Recovering Addict?

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People who have tried to quit an addiction know how hellish the experience can be. Not only do you go through terrible withdrawal symptoms, you also have to contend with cravings for the substance you are trying to quit.

What you may not know is that food can be a useful weapon to help you in your fight against relapsing into addiction. Let me tell you the how and what of food’s role in addiction recovery.