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7 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

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If there is ever a food out there that fits the definition of a super food, eggs has to be there. Aside from plant products such as blueberries, whole grains, beans, seeds like sunflower and nuts, kale and other foods like coffee, tea and dairy, eggs also contain numerous nutrients that help your body ward off illnesses.

All the edible parts of the egg are loaded with nutrients – yes, that means the yolk and the white, despite the popular misconceptions about egg yolks. Eggs also happen to be one of the most versatile foods in terms of cooking, and it even contains nutrients that are rare in the modern diets we eat today. You might need supplements like organic wheatgrass juice powder to cover the nutritional content you need if you are strict in your approach to vegetarian foods though, depending on your doctor’s advice. Here are some of the health benefits of eggs.

Which are the Best Foods for a Recovering Addict?

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People who have tried to quit an addiction know how hellish the experience can be. Not only do you go through terrible withdrawal symptoms, you also have to contend with cravings for the substance you are trying to quit.

What you may not know is that food can be a useful weapon to help you in your fight against relapsing into addiction. Let me tell you the how and what of food’s role in addiction recovery.