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Top 7 Reasons Why Singapore Hotel Equals Haven

17 June 2017
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It’s that time of the year again – vacay! Going on vacation is always the best part of life. Ain’t that right? It is always nice to get a day off or two, relax on the beach, check out the beautiful sights and sceneries, meet new people and mainly, just enjoying the free time we have in our hands. Those don’t come around often these days.

So, we might as well make the most of it. Are you already thinking of cool places to visit? Here’s a suggestion. It rhymes with “roar” – which also have a significant to this beautiful place.

Royal High Tea on SuperStar Libra by Hwajing Travel & Tours (华京旅游)

3 May 2017
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Being on a cruise is one of the things in my long bucket list. I mean, who doesn’t want to get on board and enjoy all the happening activities on a cruise ship? When we go travel, we came back more tired than before because we need to commute and go sightseeing, follow our fully packed itinerary, etc. So if you really want to relax and recharge, the best way is to go on a cruise.

SuperStar Libra

Thanks to Hwajing Travel & Tours (华京旅游), I had the opportunity to board SuperStar Libra for a 2D1N stay. For this cruise, SuperStar Libra that homeported in Penang departs from Swettenham Pier to international waters.