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Most Funny & Epic Malay Essay – Suasana Majlis Perkahwinan Abang Saya

17 February 2016
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I know all of you are probably still in post-holiday mood right now; moody and don’t really wanna do anything but still need to pretend busy. This is why I wanted to share with you this hilarious karangan (essay) that I’ve written in Malay when I was in Standard 4 (10 years old). To me, it’s more hilarious than Chinese New Year blockbuster movies like The Mermaid and From Macau to Vegas III. Behold – my most epic Malay essay titled Suasana Majlis Perkahwinan Abang Saya (though I don’t really have a brother).

P/S: Text in pink is my current reaction.

Christmas Decoration 2015 in Shopping Malls (KL/PJ)

24 December 2015
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It’s Christmas season again, my favorite time of the year where I can shop for my friends and exchange gifts with them! Have you toured the malls in KL/PJ and see their Christmas decorations? These are a few that I’ve went to and would like to share with you all.

Christmas Decoration 2015 in Shopping Malls (KL/PJ)

  1. Publika Shopping Gallery
    Christmas Decoration 2015 - Publika

    Christmas Decoration 2015 – Publika

    They have the most creative Christmas trees here at Publika. Some are made of cloth pegs, cloth, ropes, it’s just crazy! There’s one where kids can ride on it to play too. It’s called “Child’s Play”. Totally mind blowing. Check out my video below to see them.

    Christmas Decoration at Publika, Kuala Lumpur by tallpiscesgirl

Year End Note + Most Memorable Experiences in 2014

31 December 2014
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In just a blink of an eye, we’re all going to bid farewell to 2014 and usher in 2015. The year passed very quickly for me but like it or not, time will not wait for anyone. Although I felt that I’ve not achieved as much as last year, but the truth is I’ve done a lot too. It is just that the stuffs were too petty to be noticed.

Here’s a flashback of the most important moments of my journey and experiences in 2014:

  1. Travelling to Thailand for the first time
    Pratunam Night Market, Bangkok

    Pratunam Night Market, Bangkok

    Yeah I know I’m kinda slacking compared to my friends. They’ve been to Thailand like dunno how many times and they go there yearly. Anyways, Clumsy Boy and I finally had the budget to go Bangkok this year and I went there with my besties for a shopping trip! Super awesome experience! It’s a great place to shop cos the stuffs are cheap.

    Check out the hotel review of Hotel de Bangkok, Pratunam – and the most awesome place to shop in Bangkok during weekdays, Pratunam Market – Why only during weekdays? Because the best place to shop during weekends is Chatuchak Market!

  2. Invited by SUEN Jewellers as VIPS to try out their jewelries and have lunch!
    Trying on diamond ring @ SUEN Jewellers

    Trying on diamond ring @ SUEN Jewellers

    Seriously, SUEN Jewellers is not like any other jewellers. They have private room where you can have luncheon with friends while shopping for diamonds – my best friend!

    Read my experience here:

  3. Mass Registration of Marriage @ Thean Hou Temple on Valentine’s Day 2014
    Mass Registration of Marriage @ Thean Hou Temple

    Mass Registration of Marriage @ Thean Hou Temple

    LOL I’ve yet to blog about this (soooo guilty) but yeah, we’re officially married on 14 February 2014 after his proposal last year. Deets here:

    It was a great decision to register our marriage with so many happy couples because the more, the merrier!

  4. Received my first hair makeover sponsorship from Daisuke Hair Salon
    Hair makeover @ Daisuke Hair Salon

    Hair makeover @ Daisuke Hair Salon

    Few weeks before my wedding day, I went for a hair makeover at Daisuke Hair Salon. Am happy that they’re so considerate as to not dye my hair too bright because the elderly might not like it. From this session, I can see how pro Daisuke-san is. He just simply roll roll my hair to give me an idea on how my hair is going to look like before he did anything.

  5. Wedding Actual Day & Wedding Banquet

    After preparing for few months, our BIG DAY finally came! Although some things weren’t perfect, but we’re glad that so many friends and families turned up and give us their blessings. This is just the beginning of our journey as husband and wife and I hope that it’ll be a smooth one! ^_^

  6. Honeymoon @ Krabi
    Honeymoon @ Krabi

    Honeymoon @ Krabi

    To be honest, Thailand is awesome! Nice place to travel especially with limited budget. Sometimes, I wish to just stay there. I’m missing Krabi now! The only regret was not able to visit Maya Bay due to the heavy rain during our island hopping trip. Wasted!

  7. Did my first Vlog!
    GLAMGLOW YouthMud and ThirstyMud review

    GLAMGLOW YouthMud and ThirstyMud review

    So I finally had a breakthrough and did my first Vlog for GLAMGLOW YouthMud and ThirstyMud review. It wasn’t an easy process for a noobie as I need to learn how to position my camera, mirror, learn to edit, etc. I stuttered occasionally and had to re-record so many times! STRESS!!

  8. Went for a Preview Lunch @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley
    Preview Lunch @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley

    Preview Lunch @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley

    A day before Tim Ho Wan was opened to public, we were invited for a preview lunch session so we can sample the food. It was a pleasure to be able to experience a Michelin star restaurant without needing to go all the way to Hong Kong! I’ve been there when I was a child but the memories are very faint =(

    Read my thoughts on Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley here:


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