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10 Ways To Make Your Small Condo Looks Bigger

20 February 2017
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Nowadays, a growing number of people are opting to rent or buy a condominium unit due to the numerous benefits that come with living in a condominium building. Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages of living in a condo unit; one of which is the limited space which comes with it. The good news is there is actually a ton of interior design ideas that you can use to make your living space look bigger, way more colorful, and brighter.

10 Ways To Make Your Small Condo Looks Bigger

Here are ten interior design ideas that you can use to make the most out of your small condo space.

Good Coffee Day 2.0 X IJM Land Secoya Residences

12 December 2016
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What’s not to like about good coffee? Especially when it’s also FREE! If you’ve been following me, you’ll know how much I love coffee and always craving for it. Somehow, a cup of coffee can make me feel happy and relaxed.

“Coffee is the common man’s gold and like gold, it brings to every man the feeling of luxury and nobility” – Poet Sheikh Ansari Djezeri Hanball Abd-al Kadir

IJM Land Good Coffee Day 2.0

An epic pose by Coffex Coffee's barista of the day!

An epic pose by Coffex Coffee’s barista of the day!

A special thanks to IJM Land for organizing Good Coffee Day 2.0 at ICE Gallery in Pantai Sentral Park, an early Christmas celebration for us all ♥♥♥

Coffex Coffee was giving out their coffee of the day to public. Good coffee, no doubt! I definitely want a cup as well!

Complete Guide to Searching Best Value Rental Unit in Petaling Jaya

30 November 2016
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Imagine you are a fresh graduate who successfully landed a cool job in Petaling Jaya, far from your hometown. Moving out from your beloved hometown can be scary and somewhat terrifying especially when one needs to worry about all sorts of stuff and most notably — accommodation.

Yes, you can always rent for a room but you might not be lucky to get yourself a friendly, neat and clean housemate. You certainly don’t want to go through the never-ending argument of getting him/her to get things sorted out. Next best option? Find a couple of close friends whom you know is decent and find a house for rent in Petaling Jaya with them. Besides saving up quite a bit in rental, you will also have the say to decorate the house, making your house as homey as possible.