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Mission Foods Back to School Bento Workshop with Super Celebrity Moms

28 February 2017
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I used to bring lunch box to school every single day. But back then, the art of Bento wasn’t that popular or probably haven’t even exist. Nowadays kids are so blessed to bring pretty little Bentos to school that not only tastes good, but also visually pleasing.

Mission Foods Back to School Bento Workshop

With Mission Foods Back to School Bento Workshop, mummies don’t need to feel too stressed thinking of new Bento ideas. I’m going to share a few recipes for you to create a nutritious yet fun packed lunch for your little ones.

It’s not easy to get children to eat healthy food, especially vegetables. Recognizing this problem, Mission Foods has teamed up with consultant dietitian lndra Balaratnam as well as celebrity moms, Aishah Sinclair and Sazzy Falak to tackle this mission. Together, they shared some tips and tricks on how to prepare quick and healthy Bentos using versatile Mission products such as wraps, pita, naan and chips!