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Shizens VISAGE Collection [Review]

22 March 2017
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Shizens believes that everyone has a unique natural beauty that should not be concealed but to be revealed instead. Shizens is here to help us restore our confidence level by revealing our natural beauty!

I came back from Hong Kong with very dry skin because the air there very cold and dry. My skin was harsh to touch. I have started my rescue service before getting my Shizens VISAGE Collection but the recovery was slow. After using VISAGE collection, it started to recover faster. Now, my skin feels a lot smoother and firmer without needing to put much effort. Curious to know what is Shizens VISAGE Collection? Let me show you!

Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother for Selfie Ready Look

26 January 2017
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I was at Jibby East lately to discover the new Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother. Thanks to my lovely friend, Fish for bringing me along. It’s been quite long since I’ve last joined Shiseido for events.

Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother

It’s a norm to take selfies no matter you’re a girl or a boy. The problem is, how to be selfie ready all the time? Not everyone is born with perfect skin. Shine and visible pores automatically makes us feel low in self esteem.

Of course, you can use beauty apps or beauty filters you make your selfie appear prettier during Chinese New Year. But, aunties are going to say “Cheh… her selfies look good only, actually hor, her skin is (insert bad things) de”. NIGHTMARE right?

Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother

Shiseido IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother

My Green Christmas with innisfree Christmas Goodies

23 December 2016
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Guys! Christmas is near and if you haven’t prepared a gift yet, I’m here to rescue you! Even if you’re done with gift hunting, you might be tempted to buy yourself a Christmas gift. This year, innisfree Malaysia is bringing in some super pretty Christmas goodies. Themed as “My Green Christmas”, rest assured that innisfree has you covered for the most wonderful and wallet-friendly present.