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Swiss line Cell Shock White Enhanced with Diamond Clusters

16 October 2017
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Since the debut of Swiss line Cell Shock White collection 7 years ago, they have been widely known for delivering successful whitening skincare results. Living up to their tagline “no whiter than Cell Shock White”, Swiss line has achieved a new breakthrough by advancing whitening to brightening and clarity in their reformulation. The new definition of beautiful skin is to have an impeccable healthy glow, as precious as diamonds.

The Face Inc Gold Primer Mist X 2nd Anniversary Bash

4 October 2017
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The Face Inc was established back in 2015. Under the leadership of Mr. Wilson Goh, Managing Director of The Face Inc, the brand has now grown its’ presence in 9 countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Vietnam. Currently, their skin treatment products are available in more than 1,000 retail stores.

Say Hello to Radiance and Nancy Wu with Nutox Renewing Treatment

19 September 2017
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Which woman doesn’t wish to have youthful, flawless radiant skin? I believe my question will be answered with silence. Natural beauty is something that every woman wish to have. Can you imagine looking great without needing to conceal your imperfections? That satisfaction is priceless. To be honest, my ultimate skin goal is to get that elusive ‘glow’ without resorting to makeup products.