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Merz Aesthetics Celebrates 1 Million Ultherapy Treatments

10 July 2017
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Last weekend, I attended Health, Beauty & Fitness Expo 2017 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre to discover the latest technology in beauty like Ultherapy. I found out a lot about this revolutionary treatment by Merz Aesthetics from Renee Clinic when they held a talk at their booth.

Nobody can stop nor reverse time but we can choose to age gracefully. As I’m a person who is afraid of going under the knife, I’m glad to know that Ultherapy is the only non-invasive procedure that is cleared by U.S. FDA to lift skin on the face, neck, under the chin, on the eyebrow and décolleté.

Beta Skin Natural Active Cream for Eczema [Beauty Review]

6 July 2017
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Lately, I noticed that my mum’s face has been very dry to the point of peeling. Having sensitive skin, her face also often have bumpy spots like hives with a history of eczema. That spells disaster!

Beta Skin Natural Active Cream

The timing was perfect as I was introduced to Beta Skin Natural Active Cream. Beta-Skin is an established brand that originated from Poland, Europe. Initially, it was for professional use only (i.e. doctors and beauty salons) but they have made it more available for consumers now.