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10 Ways To Make Your Small Condo Looks Bigger

20 February 2017
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Nowadays, a growing number of people are opting to rent or buy a condominium unit due to the numerous benefits that come with living in a condominium building. Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages of living in a condo unit; one of which is the limited space which comes with it. The good news is there is actually a ton of interior design ideas that you can use to make your living space look bigger, way more colorful, and brighter.

10 Ways To Make Your Small Condo Looks Bigger

Here are ten interior design ideas that you can use to make the most out of your small condo space.

Send a Special Shout-out to a Loved One via #Nutellamessenger

18 February 2017
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Read til the end if you wanna win a personalized jar of Nutella for your loved one via #Nutellamessenger!

Remember Nutella’s #YourNutella campaign that took place last year? Well, after its immense success where fans were able to get their names printed on a jar of Nutella, the popular breakfast spread brand is back to exhilarate fans once again by bringing forth #Nutellamessenger, a newer, more uplifting variant of #YourNutella.


#Nutellamessenger allows fans the opportunity to customise their own jars of delicious and creamy hazelnut spread with a personalised message for either themselves or a special someone.

Nutella Jars

Nutella Jars

Alanna’s Kitchen @ Pandan Indah [Food Review]

8 February 2017
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Alanna’s Kitchen is one of the hidden gems I discovered lately that serves a wide variety of Arabic, Chinese and Western food. Alanna’s Kitchen has been operating at Pandan Indah since a year ago and has received a lot love from people staying in that neighbourhood thanks to its affordable yummy food.

Alanna's Kitchen @ Pandan Indah

Alanna’s Kitchen @ Pandan Indah

So what’s the occasion? I’m here this time to try out their new menu and at the same time, introduce this place to my beloved readers.