The Butterfly Project X Kinohimitsu Luau Party (Part 1)

Aloha beautiful readers! Good news for you! The Butterfly Project is collaborating with Kinohimitsu for a fun filled Luau Party! If you wanna know how you can score an invite to this most anticipating beauty party of the year, do visit The Butterfly Project’s Facebook page as linked above.

Why I wanna party with Kinohimitsu?
Because I know there’ll be so much fun going on and I don’t wanna miss a thing (Aerosmith’s song)!
I still don’t know what I’ll be wearing but the kiasu-ness in me tells me to join first hahaha! I just wanna meet my babes! ♥♥♥
Let’s do the hula dance and win some awesome prizes! *crossing my fingers, toes and hairs that I’ll be chosen to go*

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