Samsung EcoBubble Washing Machine

1 February 2013

I’m not sure whether you’ve watched this video before, but I find it not only hilarious, but the twist in the video is rather surprising! Initially I was wondering what happened during the photo shoot of EcoBubble when suddenly a huge bear appeared! He took off his brown skin and dumped it into the washing machine. After washing, the brown skin became white and he turned to…… A POLAR BEAR!!! ROFL!

At the end of the video, it says “Wash Cool” and that made me very curious. Wash cool? How cool is that? To satisfy my curiosity, I went to Samsung EcoBubble washing machine’s product site to take a look. Apparently, Samsung’s EcoBubble™ technology uses a bubble generator to dissolve detergent into the water and inject air, making a rich soapy foam cushion so that detergent is better dissolved and penetrates clothes faster. Thus, less hot water is used during cleaning. Super Eco Wash mode washes at just 15°C only, washing as effectively as warm water. Imagine the amount of energy saved! As an environmental friendly person, I’m all in for an eco-friendly washing machine cos I believe that every little thing you do can help to save the world!

Samsung EcoBubble washing machine
Samsung EcoBubble washing machine

This eco-friendly washing machine range has the following features:

  • Vibration Reduction Technology™ (available on selected models)
    Sophisticated sensors keep laundry loads balanced and reduce noise and vibration.
  • Durable and efficient motor (available on selected models)
    The Digital Inverter Motor cuts energy waste, lasts longer and reduces noise.
  • Diamond Drum™
    Patented Diamond Drum design takes care of your clothes and is gentler on fabrics
  • Anti-limescale heater
    Low-maintenance ceramic heaters reduce calcium build-up and last longer.

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  • Sycookies

    The wash cool is definately cool! The low temperature is awesome. I really dislike having to wash my cloths luke warm.

    • Charmaine Pua

      Yeah! Eco friendly products FTW :)

  • suituapui

    Good eh? But mine's still o.k. I wonder if they have any fridge that's good. Mine's leaking. :(

    • Charmaine Pua

      Aiyo better buy a new one before CNY!

  • missyblurkit

    Hmmmm…interesting if I can pop my furkids all in for a wash:D

    • Charmaine Pua

      Haha later all come out white white! :)

  • Camy Lau

    oh wash wash! 😀

  • Tony Teh

    It feels like I'm the only one in the bunch who didn't get this sponsored post lol

    • Charmaine Pua

      No ahhh I saw got many didn't get :/

  • The Yum List

    That's 'cool' that more enviro friendly technology is reaching the market.

    • Charmaine Pua

      Yeap it feels good that these brands are trying to produce more eco friendly products.

  • prince n princess mum

    The advertisement is so cool.. haha!

  • Merryn

    Ethan kept watching this video over and over again! >_<

  • Shirley Tay

    Awesome! Certainly love to try this….