29 May 2012

A Taste of Finland with Sara La Fountain @ The Royale Chulan

Sara La Fountain

In conjunction with the Fourth Installment of Celebrity Chef Series, American-Finnish celebrity chef Sara La Fountain is here in Malaysia thanks to American Express and Asian Food Channel (AFC), the premier food and lifestyle channel in Asia.

Away from the camera, Chef La Fountain runs a catering service and a cooking school. She also maintains her own blog, Passion for Fashion & Food and is a food columnist for several newspapers and magazines in Finland. As an author, Chef La Fountain has also published several books – A la Sara, her first book, earned her the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Award in the “Best First Cookbook” category.

In this tour titled A Taste of Finland with Sara La Fountain, Sara La Fountain will show you how to prepare tasty and refreshing Nordic cuisine using simple ingredients in a series of live cooking demonstration. You then will get to taste the dishes after the demonstration.

During the cooking demonstration with food sampling session for members of the media, guests were served with 3 dishes and it was held in Bunga Emas Restaurant, The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur.

Appetizer: Goat Cheese Salad with Beetroot, Dark Sweet Bread Croutons, Marinated Red Onions and Blueberry-Balsamic Vinaigrette

Utensils and ingredients for the appetizer

Sara La Fountain is not only beautiful, she's also very bubbly and
entertained us with her stories back home in Finland.

Besides taste and texture, the look of the dish is also very important to Sara.
Therefore, she always carefully decorate her dishes before serving them ;)

She decided to name it as Sara's Salad as the original name is too long

Presenting to you, Sara's Salad

Goat Cheese Salad with Beetroot, Dark Sweet Bread Croutons,
Marinated Red Onions and Blueberry-Balsamic Vinaigrette

Main course: Fried Fish with Summer Potato Vegetable Salad

Perch fillet

Ingredients to prepare Fried Fish with Summer Potato Vegetable Salad

This crispy fish fillet is simply tantalizing and easy to prepare!
I'm going to cook this soon :)

Fried Fish with Summer Potato Vegetable Salad

Sara also took the opportunity to introduce her book, Passion for Food

Dessert: Summer Pavlova with Passionfruit Cream served with Strawberries and Pistachios

According to Sara, Finnish loves summer a lot because that is the time where 
they can finally stop 'hibernating' and come out to do lots of activities!

Summer Pavlova with Passionfruit Cream served with Strawberries and Pistachios

Sara La Fountain and I

For more information on A Taste of Finland with Sara La Fountain and bookings, please visit the AFC
Studio website, www.theafcstudio.com.

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24 May 2012


Well, I'm sure it's not the first time you hear girls and women got scammed money online or asked to transport drugs for them. The 'guy' who plans to scam these girls are normally quite intelligent. They tried to build a good relationship with you first but too bad they often did it in a very rushed way. Like this conversation I had few weeks ago, you can clearly note that all his long responses are obviously copied and pasted =.=

Nevertheless, I still played along. He also went on to self pity tactic, hoping that I will sympathize him LOL!

Beware girls! And please share it with your loved ones. Very often, they will be blinded by love and their heart melts when being sweet talked.

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20 May 2012

LUNASOL Starter Kit 2012 for Spring/Summer (Limited Edition)

Kanebo LUNASOL is not a new name in the cosmetics scene. LUNASOL is derived from Latin words, Luna (moon) and Sol (sun). Founded in 1999, it has been growing strong ever since. As for me, I got to know about LUNASOL when I watched 女人我最大 few years back. The ease of application captured my attention and I remembered this brand until now.

I've got myself a LUNASOL Starter Kit 2012 for Spring/Summer; a limited-edition kit that features Lunasol’s legendary Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige eyeshadow quad, Full Glamour Gloss in EX20 (Soft Orange Coral), Cream Cheek in EX08 (Soft Orange Coral) and a beautiful cosmetics pouch.

LUNASOL Starter Kit 2012 for Spring/Summer (Limited Edition)

A closer look of the eyeshadow palette, cream blusher and lip gloss

The palette:

Upper Left: A highlighter shade in light champagne color with shimmery gold flecks
Upper Right: A follow-up color in bronzy gold-toned beige
Bottom Left: A main color in beige taupe with slight silver shimmer
Bottom Right: A shade color in dark brown with beautiful gold shimmer

Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige
As nude looks are very well received now, this kit is the perfect tool you'll need to create your own nude makeup. A neutral palette, it gives my eyes the definition that it needs and yet doesn't look too made up. But for those who have darker skin tones, it is recommended that you apply a base on your eyes first before applying the eyeshadow in order for it to show up well.

I found these tips to apply Skin Modeling Eyes eyeshadow from Lunasol's website. I hope you'll find it useful =)

How to use Skin Modeling Eyes palette

Cream Cheek in EX08 (Soft Orange Coral)
Blusher is very important to ensure our face doesn't look pale like a ghost LOL! At the same time, I wouldn't want to look like a Chinese opera singer too! So I proceed with caution and apply bit by bit on the apples of my cheek. Luckily enough, it was easy to blend so I can just push it away if it looks overdone.

Full Glamour Gloss in EX20 (Soft Orange Coral)
Just looking on the packaging, I thought it would be a very pinkish color so I was kinda worried of the outcome. Upon applying it, it doesn't look so pink. In fact, it blends with the natural color of your lips with some fine shimmer, leaving it glossy and kissable!


Color wasn't so obvious on the eye part but defined the eyes more
and there were some shimmer on the brow bone.

OK! Maybe a close up! :p
See the 'stars' on my eyelids?

LUNASOL is well known for their long lasting cosmetics and thus is suitable for everyday office or college makeup without looking too dolled up. If you're interested, do head to Kanebo's counter at all major shopping centres and grab it as soon as possible because it's limited edition and only available in May and June 2012!

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14 May 2012


Hola!! Wanted to destress but unsure how?
Come join me on 24th May 2012 at 8.30pm for a fun stand up comedy session with Papi Zak's Pillow Talk!

Details as below:

theatre @ PJ Live Arts
24 may | 8.30pm
25 may | 10.30pm

RM60, RM88 for 2 (early bird); Buy-1-Free-1 (LIVE Card)

box office
phone : 017-2BUY-TIX |  017 2289 849    
online : http://www.tix.my


Cuddle up to the “biggest” comedian in Malaysia as he unloads his dirty laundry on you! Relationships, work, life, that one local celebrity he’s stalking and his roller-coaster relationship with his mother… it’ll be juicy, it’ll be raunchy, it’ll make you think twice about dating a comedian!



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10 May 2012

Guinness World Record Breaking Charity Event by ACE YOUTH

Guinness World Record Breaking Charity Event by ACE YOUTH
Well, I don't know what charity means to you but it means a lot to a Piscean. I will help those in need whenever and however I can and even though I don't have a lot of money to donate out as I'm struggling to survive myself, it's good to lend a helping hand by giving support physically and mentally!

On this coming Saturday (12th May 2012), ACE YOUTH, Taman Gembira Foundation and Alumni Sri Aman will be organizing a Guinness World Record Breaking Charity Event. At the same time, this event will also be held in different countries/places such as Malaysia, New Zealand, Captown, Edinburgh (a prison), Katmandu, London and Manipal India! Doesn't it sound awesome to be able to break a record with people worldwide?

So what do you need to do to break the record? BollyforCharity is a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt for the largest multi-site Bollywood dance event to be held at 10pm and they need 4,500 people to join this in order to break the record. What are you waiting for? Watch the dance moves and start practising already!

A minimum of RM 10 donation from each participant is encouraged to contribute towards their RM 10,000 target. I'm sure RM 10 is not much right? It can probably just buy you a day's lunch. And of course, you're welcomed to donate more ;) Participants will be entertained with performances from Leng Yein, Jenna Gong, Joe Kim Rock Band,  Liana Grace (semi-finalist of Astro Vaanavil Talent Quest),  Sri Aman Orchestra and Salsa Blaze.

Event Details:
Venue : Sri Aman School PJ School Field
Time : 7.00 PM - 11.30 PM
Date : 12 May 2012
FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/122743444526705/

Let's come together and make this world a better place to live in! =)

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07 May 2012

Physiogel Bloggers Workshop @ Le Meridien KL

Thanks to Nuffnang, I was invited to Physiogel Bloggers Workshop at Le Meridien KL last week. The bloggers feasted with some delicious food and mingled around with each other while waiting for the workshop to start. As for me, I got to know many new blogger friends since I was quite new ;)

Physiogel Bloggers Workshop

Filling our empty stomach ;)
Checking our skin before workshop begins.
Guess what 32.8% means? It means DRY skin! T.T
Normal hydration level should be above 37%.
We get to sample their products too!
Test it, feel it and smell it.
I have heard of Physiogel through the radio previously but I have no idea what it is until today. Physiogel is a skincare range developed by Stiefel, a specialized pharmaceutical company that focuses on the advancement of dermatology and skincare for over 160 years. Stiefel is part of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies. Physiogel was only available in clinics and hospitals previously but they have recently decided to make it more widely available to consumers.
Physiogel's newly launched products for consumers.
Our first speaker of the day was Dr. Leong Kin Fon, a Paediatric Dermatologist. He explained to us what is dry skin and a lot of facts about Atopic Dermatitis in a very humorous way! I'm impressed!

Dr. Leong Kin Fon
Dry skin is a very normal skin condition especially to older individuals. How do you identify the symptoms of dry skin?

Itchiness is the key symptom of having dry skin. Besides, if you feel that the skin of your face became tight after cleansing, it means you're having dry skin. Cracks and fissures may occur when skin dryness is severe.

On the other hand, Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a chronic skin condition that causes itchy inflammation and most often affects infants and young children. It is not easy to treat eczema as there are many factors that can aggravate it. Among the factors are dry skin, stress, sweat, pollution, temperature and food such as milk, fish, soy, egg and wheat.

In order to improve both dry skin and eczema, a good skincare regime is very important. Products that are unsuitable will worsen skin condition and cause further inflammation to the already sensitive skin.

This is what happens when Spongebob in your skin is dry!! NOOOOO~~!
Our second speaker of the day, Ms. Florence Chan, Senior Product Manager of OTC Dermatology Unit at Stiefel explains why Physiogel is the best solution for dry skin and eczema patients.

Ms. Florence Chan
I know what you're probably wondering right now about Physiogel.
What is so special about Physiogel? There are many moisturisers available in pharmacies, over-the-counter, etc. that promises hydration. Why Physiogel? 

Firstly, Physiogel is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (doesn't block pores), soap-free and doesn't contain any colourant, perfume and preservatives, making it gentle enough for inflamed sensitive skin.

I know, still not impressive enough right? The most special part is this: Physiogel's innovative Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology contains ceramide and other physiological lipids that mimic the lipids found within our skin to repair dehydrated skin naturally unlike other moisturisers that use oil-water emulsifiers. Plus, it rehydrates the skin by locking in moisture for up to three days.

We were shown some testimonial videos on how Physiogel has helped a few patients that has severe dry skin condition until it affected their daily lifestyle. They're skin condition improved dramatically after few weeks usage of Physiogel.

Price wise could be a bit pricey but from the feedbacks I received from my family members, Physiogel product really works!

Our individual photo frames ready for collection!

Thanks to Jess Lee for the group photo!
Physiogel is now available at all major pharmacies near you! ヽ(^。^)丿

P/S: Sorry for the blur photos as the forgetful me forgot to bring DSLR :p

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04 May 2012

Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel

Last 2 weeks was Clumsy Boy's birthday. I bought this deal at RM 13.90 for a mushroom soup, iced lemon tea, main course and ice cream. I thought this must be a very great deal since it's at the cafe of a hotel (Grand Pacific Hotel). Upon arriving at Pacifica Cafe, I saw this promotion sign: Mushroom soup + iced lemon tea + main course ONLY RM 13++!!! Hmm that means I only saved on the tax and most probably the ice cream >.<

Pacifica Cafe

The interior of Pacifica Cafe

Mushroom Soup
This is the weirdest soup I've ever tasted. It's smoother than water but yet super salty. No chunks of mushrooms too. Plus, their WIFI is down :( We're prepared for the worst already.

Chicken Chop

Fish & Chips
Surprisingly, both the main course tasted great! At least it's within standards. I'm glad I didn't ruin this birthday celebration *phew*~ My Fish & Chips was fried until golden and crispy on the skin and smooth on the inside.

Refillable Iced Lemon Tea

Mint Ice Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream

Clumsy Boy only got 2 scoops of Mint Ice Cream while I got 3 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream! I guess Mint Ice Cream is more expensive eh? :p

Happy Birthday my dear! <3

Pacifica Cafe
Grand Pacific Hotel,
Jalan Tun Ismail,
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-4042 2177


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