Royal Satay Celup @ Damansara Uptown

1 September 2012

Do you frequently travel all the way to Malacca just to eat Satay Celup? After travelling so far, imagine the horror when you need to queue up for a long time before you can settle for a table! How good it is if PJ also have Satay Celup right? I’m sure this crossed your mind before. And I’m here to announce that: YES! Finally we have Satay Celup in PJ!

So when I got this news, I immediately head to Royal Satay Celup at Damansara Uptown to gauge their food quality. A lot of people have been asking how it fared compared to Malacca’s Ban Lee Siang and Capitol.

Crunchy Ground Peanuts were poured into Satay sauce
Crunchy Ground Peanuts were poured into Satay sauce

Their concept of not reusing the satay sauce should be praised because hygiene is really really important. I don’t want to enjoy my satay now and suffer with an upset tummy later! Further more, the thought of eating other strangers’ saliva isn’t that appetizing, right?

Update (12/10/2012): They have recently changed their policy of fresh pots for every table and have decided to opt for public sharing pots (similar to the original Malaccan concept).

The decision was made after much consideration of many customers’ feedback requesting a thicker gravy and more peanuts in their sauce. The general consensus was that most customers would rather have a richer sauce and would not mind a common pot just as in Malacca since there is a common understanding of “no double dipping”. Their sauce is now thicker, richer and more flavourful. And it is most certainly heavily loaded with lots of good quality ground peanuts!

However, they would still provide the occasional customer with the option of having a fresh pot of sauce at RM 10 for Half Pot and RM 20 for Full Pot.

Are you ready for Satay Celup?
Are you ready for Satay Celup?

Let's mix it up! *getting impatient*
Let’s mix it up! *getting impatient*

Service wise, it’s really top notch as I noticed that the lady boss, Simone and her staff always come to check on our sauce and help us to mix up the sauce again and again to prevent the peanuts from sinking into the pot.

Help yourself with the fresh food in the fridge and lok away!
Help yourself with the fresh food in the fridge and lok away!

Although the fridge looked quite small from the first glance, but let me assure you that there are indeed a decent variety of food to choose from. According to Simone, since their restaurant is still very new (opened a month ago only!) and not many people know about them yet, she wouldn’t restock too much as all the food there are fresh and bought daily. If there are any leftovers, they will not be kept overnight and will be discarded so it’s quite a waste really.

So here’s what we had that night:

Blue Plate: RM 3

Pandan Fried Chicken
Pandan Fried Chicken

Pandan Fried Chicken with the leaf removed
Pandan Fried Chicken with the leaf removed

Unlike the ones in Malacca where it is served raw, Royal Satay Celup serves their Pandan Chicken fried. It tastes a lot better! Must try!

Yellow Plate: RM 2

Another food not to be missed is Mantao! Served fresh and piping hot, the outer part of the bun is very crispy while the inner part is so fluffy with a hint of sweetness, it tasted so perfect after being dipped into the pot of satay sauce!

As for the taste of satay celup sauce, it’s not similar with Ban Lee Siang or Capitol but all I can say is, I prefer this more. Not too spicy nor too sweet, the taste is just right and the sauce is homemade by Joseph, owner of the restaurant.

So among the food we ate (and that I know of) are: Pandan fried chicken, squid, sausage, crabstick, prawn, mushroom, fish ball, kangkung, quail egg, pork intestines, scallop, ham, fu chuk, yao char kuey and mantao.

5 person ate 95 sticks!
5 person ate 95 sticks!
Price: RM 0.80 per stick

Cendol with Gula Melaka
Cendol with Gula Melaka
Price: RM 3

As recommended by the lady boss, we ordered Cendol with Gula Melaka! It’s very awesome and cooling after being near the hot pot for 2 hours!

Leong Sui
Leong Sui
Price: RM 1.50

Cozy little place with great food!
Cozy little place with great food!

Royal Satay Celup
Royal Satay Celup

We’ll definitely be back! A lot of friends have been revisiting them for a few times already! A friend of mine even went on the same night I posted an instagram photo of this place on my Facebook!

No. 53, Jalan SS 21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: +6012-392 2000

Business hours: Tues-Sun: 5pm – 12am / Closed on Monday


Facebook Page: Royal Satay Celup


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    • You know Standard Chartered at Uptown? Very near there only.

  • Haha! No need to travel all the way to Melaka is a definite plus point! Actually, I found the satay peanut sauce better than the one in Ban Lee Siang in Melaka, not sure about Capitol cos had not eaten there before! : )

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  • And it's good that they don't recycle the sauce like in Ban Lee Siang. I think Capitol Melaka also change the sauce.

  • I love their cendol! The gula melaka makes all the difference! So yummy!! I don't mind going there just for the cendol LOL!

  • Only problem, I almost burnt my legs cos the metal container below the table was hot!! LOL! Maybe they should put something there to prevent customers from getting a shock from accidentally brushing their legs against the hot metal : )

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    They also renew the sauce and the waitresses will check the sauce level now and then. Amazed!

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