My Top 3 Dislikes

23 August 2012
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My Top 3 Dislikes

1. Days Of The Week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

2. Numbers – 4, 5, 7

3. Fruits – guava, jackfruit (nangka), kiwi

4. Character In A Person – selfish, manipulative, greedy

5. Movies – Piranha 3DD, Street Dance, Street Dance 2

I was tagged by Foongpc. I would like to invite Shirley, Caroline and Kian Fai to join in the fun!!

1. This is a contest by My Very First Blog. It is open to anyone with a blog in Malaysia and worldwide.

2. Everyone who participates in this contest will be entered into a Lucky Draw.

3. Copy the above starting from My Top 3 Dislikes title, followed by the list from No.1 – 5 and these Rules and paste onto your blog post.

4. Replace my top 3 dislikes with your own for each category from No. 1 – 5.

5. Please mention who tagged you, and link back to his or her blog. (If you join this Contest directly from My Very First Blog, then mention that you are tagged by foongpc).

6. You may or may not tag others (your choice!) but anyone you tagged who join this contest will earn you 1 entry into the Lucky Draw. You choose to tag as many people as you like or none at all. Make sure you inform the person that you invite.

7. After you have put up your post in your blog, go to My Very First Blog, search for the post ‘My Top 3 Dislikes’ and leave a comment there with the URL of your blog post.

8. The winner can opt to have the RM80 Jusco voucher delivered to his/her address OR RM80 cash banked into his account provided he/she has a Maybank account. Non Malaysian winner must have a Paypal account to receive the USD25.

9. This contest closes on the 26th August 2012. Good Luck!!

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  • Ummmm…greedy? Not where food is concerned, I gues? Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehe!!!! Good luck!

  • Thanks for joining! Good luck!! Results will be announced in my blog next week : )

  • Eh, nangka so nice also you don't like? : p

  • Oh, so Street Dance is pretty lousy eh? I have never watched it before : )

  • Ken

    wah, all the fruits u dislike are my favorite ones !!! OMG……

  • How come so many people don't like piranha 3DD? Well…I haven't watch it yet. Is it that bad? :p

  • Guava is good. How come you don't like it? Besides it does not taste funny at all. πŸ˜€

  • Thks for the tag, dear! Great to know your dislikes too πŸ™‚

  • good luck!

  • yay! im glad in not in! πŸ˜›

  • what? u hate jackfruit…i cannot brain this.. IT IS AWESOME!! lol

  • i totally agree with you on number 4:D

  • ?? mmmm.. so confusing geh dear?;P dono how to take part..