Movie Review: Step Up Revolution (2012)

3 August 2012

Movie Synopsis:
Step Up Revolution is the next installment in the worldwide smash Step Up franchise, which sets the dancing against the vibrant backdrop of Miami. Emily (Kathryn McCormick) arrives in Miami with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and soon falls in love with Sean (Ryan Guzman), a young man who leads a dance crew in elaborate, cutting-edge flash mobs, called “The Mob.”

When a wealthy business man threatens to develop The Mob’s historic neighborhood and displace thousands of people, Emily must band together with Sean and The Mob to turn their performance art into protest art, and risk losing their dreams to fight for a greater cause.

Views and opinion:
I thought I was up for a disappointment seeing how great Step Up 3D was. But no, they actually lived up to the expectations. It’s not only the dance moves and choreography that was great but also how they execute their flash mobs! Simply creative! It’s not about the usual “dance competition” anymore. And they don’t just dance on the floor. I’m not going to reveal too much or else there would be no point watching it right?

Emotional wise, Step Up 3D is still the best since the focus is on striving for your dreams; the BFABB (Born From A Boom Box) thingy if you still remember while Step Up 4 Revolution is focusing on saving their neighbourhood. If I were to compare it with StreetDance 2, honestly StreetDance 2 can keep skin. LOL!

Climax of the movie: The appearance of Moose!!

Oooo… sexy!!

My favorite dance of all: Office Mob

How about a dance instead of trailer for a change? 😉

Rating: 8/10

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  • Wow, you gave quite high rating! 😀 Btw, I was sitting just behind you in the cinema HEHE

    • Yer you should have said Hi… den we can finally meet for the first time ma 😀
      Haha I really love dancing… maybe that's why XD

  • I've seen a few Step Up movies before~~ I thought it would be boring since there's so much dancing and less action but it was actually really interesting!
    So i might see this one as well ^^

  • I liked it. And like you say, it's different from the usual dance competition.

  • Not into movies, but if I do wantto watch, I'd go for human drama – serious stuff, preferably sad, touching and meaningful.

  • Guess what? I have never watched a dance movie in the cinema before! LOL!

  • Wah! 8/10? That's too high! LOL!

    • LOL! Where got? I'm not stingy in giving marks hahaha

  • I'm guessing that Moose is a very handsome character from previous instalments? lol Total Recall 2012 review

    • Haha I won't categorize him as handsome but he's cute and has a unique dance style!

  • I think everyone has been expecting for Moose <3

  • wanted to watch this but went for Total Recall instead. tsk at the boyf

  • I like it!

  • i gotta move it move it!! always love the dance moves in step up! =P

  • i love the movie ! it was a really good movie ! =D

  • oh i super love this movie! 😀

  • I am super disappointed! because I was supposed to catch this but the hubs had to work late and I missed this >_<

  • cross by Eyriqazz blog..

    Selamat Hari Raya =)