Avast Version 7 & WeChat Launching @ Zouk KL

5 July 2012
I was fortunate to be invited to APAC Venture Glitz & Glam Bloggers Party on 20th June 2012. More than 200 bloggers, celebrities, media members and partners were gathered at Zouk KL for the official launch of Avast Version 7 and WeChat social app.
An introduction about WeChat here if it sounds unfamiliar to you. WeChat is a free multimedia communication app originated from China and developed by Tencent, China’s largest internet service provider.
Among the features of WeChat are:
  • text messaging
  • hold to talk voice messaging
  • broadcast (one to many) messaging with extensive range of emoticon and emoji
  • photo/video sharing
  • location sharing
  • contact information exchange
  • “Look Around”, “Shake” and “Drift Bottle” function to discover new friends

Trying out Shake feature.
I call it the Fate feature because only people who shakes their phone
at the same time as you will  appear.

Trying to throw a bottle into the virtual sea

“Look around” will show WeChat users near you.

Avast Version 7
Protecting over 150 million users around the world with their antivirus application, Avast is now out with their latest version, Version 7.

Features of the new Avast Version 7 includes:

  • Faster information from the “cloud” on new and emerging threats
  • Remote Assistance feature
  • Account feature to monitor Avast! installed in listed computers
  • FileRep feature sorts new, potentially dangerous files from known safe files
  • Compatibility with Windows 8
  • Speed and memory usage optimizations
  • Export/import of product settings
  • Enhanced GUI
  • Sandbox Privacy Protection
  • Improved repair functions
  • Stronger Self Defense
Avast! Pro Antivirus for Home & Student Edition is retailing at only RM 29.90!

Credits to Samuel Chew for the photo!

Having fun meeting new people!
Credits to Henry for the photo! 🙂
Yum ar!!!
Credits to Samuel Chew for the photo!

Credits to Henry for the photo!

Our group photo from WeChat FB Page

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  • i installed avast! cos it's errr free *cheapo

  • I use Avast… Not into all those apps – old man mah!!! Lucky already, know how to call and send sms on hp. LOL!!!

    • Hahahaha learning is a lifelong journey ma…
      The more you learn, the more wiser you'll be 🙂

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    seems like a nice way to get new friends…

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  • Aki

    I don't care about the apps since I'm using an old phone, but Y Bro BFoo is so serious in all the pic?? 😀

    • Aiyo time to change phone lor…
      LOL I think that's his signature :p

  • wow!! is it something like Whatapps?

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