Pacifica Cafe @ Grand Pacific Hotel

4 May 2012
Last 2 weeks was Clumsy Boy’s birthday. I bought this deal at RM 13.90 for a mushroom soup, iced lemon tea, main course and ice cream. I thought this must be a very great deal since it’s at the cafe of a hotel (Grand Pacific Hotel). Upon arriving at Pacifica Cafe, I saw this promotion sign: Mushroom soup + iced lemon tea + main course ONLY RM 13++!!! Hmm that means I only saved on the tax and most probably the ice cream >.<
Pacifica Cafe

The interior of Pacifica Cafe

Mushroom Soup

This is the weirdest soup I’ve ever tasted. It’s smoother than water but yet super salty. No chunks of mushrooms too. Plus, their WIFI is down 🙁 We’re prepared for the worst already.

Chicken Chop

Fish & Chips

Surprisingly, both the main course tasted great! At least it’s within standards. I’m glad I didn’t ruin this birthday celebration *phew*~ My Fish & Chips was fried until golden and crispy on the skin and smooth on the inside.

Refillable Iced Lemon Tea

Mint Ice Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream

Clumsy Boy only got 2 scoops of Mint Ice Cream while I got 3 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream! I guess Mint Ice Cream is more expensive eh? :p

Happy Birthday my dear! <3

Pacifica Cafe
Grand Pacific Hotel,
Jalan Tun Ismail,
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-4042 2177


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  • Love the last pictures. You both look so cute together. =)

    • Teehee…thanks dear!
      BTW, it's our 7th anniversary today! 😀

  • the chicken chops looks good…
    Happy ANIVERSARY… 7 years .. hmm you know what they say?
    LOL … have a good sunday…

  • Haha.. I experiences such deal before.. very disappointed with the price on the coupon deal!

  • The reason why I never buy food deal anymore, been encountered with situation like this as well but my main course tasted the worst >.<

    • Hahaha I totally get how you feel.
      But never try, never know right?

  • Nice deal! Wah, who's the loving couple in the last pix?? Love it!

  • so reasonably priced in a hotel? not bad ^^

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  • Huh? Your bf is called Clumsy Boy? Haha!!!

    • Hahaha yah! And the reason should be quite obvious right? XD

  • Wah!! One of the word verification is ISTERI!!! It's a sign for you both lah haha!!

  • Oh! Luckily the food turned out not bad right? If not sure spoilt the whole mood! : )

  • Btw, just added you to my blog roll : )