Bloggers Chilli Rush Challenge @ Chilli Rush, Jaya One

27 March 2012

Before heading to 250 feet Lou Sang Ceremony at Jaya One last month, bloggers were invited for a chillout session at Chilli Rush. As I can’t really stand spiciness (not even chilli cause), I dragged Clumsy Boy along (teehee). I’m now better though, trying to train myself so that I can be a better food blogger 🙂

Overall, the food was awesome (that is why Clumsy Boy still eats the spicy chickens although he’s having a sore throat) and the staffs are all friendly and helpful. Not to forget, all the bloggers attended this session are great companies! I’ll be back for more!!

We were greeted by lots of fun facts about chilli!

Are you cool enough to handle the Chilli Rush Challenge?

Not many survived to date hahaha

Interior of the restaurant

We were briefed before we begin tasting

Spicy Chicken Level CR 3

To me, it’s still acceptable. But then, I only had a bite :p 

Spicy Chicken Level CR 5
*coughing smoke* still ok…. can bear

Spicy Chicken Level CR 7

Look at that baby crying after eating CR 7 chicken!

OK, you get the idea 😀

Watch Chris Tock endure the spiciness of Level CR 10 Chicken!!

A nice group photo to end the session 🙂

Chilli Rush,
Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: 03-79607368


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  • So chilli is very good for health lor. LOL 😀

    • That's right! So no matter what, I also must bear the spiciness! HAHA!

  • Wow…theres' level of the spiciness of chicken? 😀

    • Yeah! When you come to KL, take the challenge la I wanna see you cry XD

  • lol i would definite give up before even trying for this one

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  • should have asked me to tag along too since I am still the Habanero Wings eating champion! 😛 Mike Yip always like to tag along hor although KFC spicy chicken is his limit! 😛

    • Hahaha I can't even stand KFC chicken but I guess we have no choice :p

  • how many levels are there altogether? 😀 sounds really yummy coz im a spicy lover 😛

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    • Level 10! But if you take up their challenge, it'll be higher than level 10!
      Go try it :p

  • looks gorgeous! awesomely spicy…i have a candidate that i am going to bring for him to face the challenge. he's one crazy guy who i suspect ahs a malfunctioning spicy taste bud.

  • Looks so spicy …
    If I take this challenge…… I will have a hard time in d toilet 4 d next day…..

  • Thanks for sharing, the food like spicy???

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  • oh gawd. the thing about taking spicy food is hot when it goes in, even HOTTER when it goes OUT!

  • looks like a nice environment ~ =D

  • Hmmmm…my missus would love this! She eats cili padi like candy! LOL!!!

  • Hahaha! This is such a fun event, unlike others! Would love to be there to witness all the faces. Have a lovely weekend, dear!

  • i Love spicy food!!! ahh@!! should bring me along!! I guess i will b the champion .hohoh!xD

  • I cant take spicy, look like so fun there!

  • Oops! No no to too spicy food! =P

  • walao..spicy until tears.. I can feel the spiciness by just watching it.

  • this 1long time ago, I seriously cannot eat sibeh spicy food lol, will die wei haha

    • Hahaha I thought you entered a challenge last year?