siTigun Bicycle Pit-Stop Cafe @ Jalan Nagore, Penang

1 December 2011

Before my trip to Penang, I’ve already made research on all the must-visit places. One of it is siTigun. If you’re wondering what this name means (like me), siTigun actually comes from the name of the Indonesian owner, Tigun Wibisana. Everything they offer is homemade including the coffee.

siTigun Bicycle Pit-Stop Cafe: Micro Roastery

Fresh roasted beans available to bring home 🙂

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A variety of coffee drinks like Latte and Cappuccino, chocolate mousse cake, homemade Tiramisu, biscotti and spaghetti are among the food offered by this cozy coffee house. The one I love the most would definitely be their freshly made Almond Biscotti. If you’re a coffee lover, you can buy their coffee powder that is self roasted by the owner every two weeks.

Wooden tables and benches

With wooden tables and benches, they instantly reminded me of my primary/secondary school canteen. *Reminiscing* But everyone has grown up (and wide) over the years so it looks kinda funny looking us struggle into our seats. Apparently, guests can go to the back of the shop for a visit but I didn’t know about that and they didn’t inform us so I missed it.

A cup of coffee is a cup of culture. A cup of respect. A cup of love.

Part of the menu
Latte (RM 7.60)
Frothy and aromatic~~ Initially I wanted to order Cappuccino but the staff warned me that their cappuccino is more bitter than usual so I opted for Latte instead since I’m not a fan of anything bitter
Cappuccino (RM 7.60)
Definitely recommended for froth lovers! Prepared using double shot espresso, the taste is very rich.
If you cannot accept the bitterness of double shot espresso, you can ask for one shot instead.

Ice Blended Chocolate (RM 9.60)

siTigun Ice Blended Coffee aka Sicilian ice blended coffee (RM 8.60)
A bit kao (thick) for me because it’s quite bitter. Like Kopi Ping in kopitiams.

Not sure why but after a while, one of my friend’s Ice Blended Coffee turned like that… LOL
Another friend of mine who ordered the same drink finished it without any problem though so is it drinker problem or coffee maker problem or coffee problem? :p

Croissant with Butter (RM 4.30)
Taste the freshly made croissant~~

Almond Biscotti (RM 2.60)
This is my favorite! One is certainly not enough!!

Tiramisu (RM 10)
One of siTigun’s bestseller, it tastes heavenly. Unfortunately, the cheese on top haven’t settled yet when I ordered it so it’s still too soft and went crumbling down.

30, Jalan Nagore,
10050 Pulau Pinang

GPS Coordinates : N05.421222 E100.326085

Tel: 04-228 7108

Business hour: Tuesday – Sunday (8am – 10pm), Closed on Monday



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  • Aki

    Oh,the Croissant layer can be seen throughout.. They are good baker.. Not that pro but yeah,still,it's so good.. and the price is quite good too.. Thanks @pualiping for the info..

  • Aki: Wow you seem to know a lot about baking! You're welcome, sharing is caring =)

  • The food sure looks good. The ice-blended will certainly to my top pick!

  • Lots of changes in Penang after I left decades ago. Used to walk Nagore Road/Swatow Lane/Bawasah Road as office was nearby. Cool place may check it out if happen to be in Penang. tQ

  • Blackswan: Yes, ice blended is perfect during a hot day!

    Bananaz: Haha a decade is really long! You should visit there soon!

  • I love these specialty coffee places, they really put a lot of love and pride into their coffee. I'll try it when I'm in Penang. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • Huai Bin: Yeap! It's their passion that makes it special 😀

  • wowowow… the place looks good… price also quite affordable. The Almond Biscotti looks good ah! 😀

  • A cup of coffee is a cup of culture. A cup of respect. A cup of love. I love this quote. 😀

  • nice and cosy place to meet up friends and spend the whole afternoon huh?? maybe you can suggest them to do some art on the foam for the coffee, that would be more perfect.. 🙂

  • These coffee place always tend to make quality coffee 🙂 Hmm..

  • CleverMunkey & J.Y.: Yeah so don't forget to visit there!

    SK: Good idea!

  • Kinda pricey at such a traditional-looking place lol

  • toninkush: But traditional-looking doesn't mean it's cheap right? It's just decorated traditionally 😀

  • looks like a cozy place there! u make me miss penang already