Smart Reader Kids Metro Prima, Kepong Annual Concert 2011

Smart Reader Kids Metro Prima, Kepong held their annual concert cum graduation at Muzium Negara’s Auditorium on 13th November 2011.
Clumsy Boy’s nephew was participating in a show (scroll below and look for QQ Bees) so I tagged along. But… I was very disappointed with the venue. The videographer stuck right in the center of the seats. My view of the center has been fully obstructed. You’ll know what I mean when you see my photos. The only seats that are free from obstruction is the first 2 rows =.=” !@#&^*&^&#

Entering the auditorium area

Oh look! Bear Bear! <3

The only male in top portion of the photo is Clumsy Boy’s nephew!!

So cute! Standing on a box 🙂
Look! The host is a local actor, can you recognize him?

The graduates! Little nephew haven’t graduate yet la…

These umbrellas made my eyes blurry :S

QQ Bees!!! Little nephew is beside videographer’s hand =.=”

Bollywood dance! Shake butt dance LOL!

Can’t really remember what dance is this :p

Pom pom dance! Very energetic!

Sembah Puteri dance

Little nephew and parents <3

The kids were hiding behind the umbrellas! So surprised!

This is a really cute dance! They were moving like robots~

Finale of the show! Shanghai Fever! (but the theme is Pride of Malaysia wor…)
It’s a cool dance though! Reminds me of the time when I was in kindergarten~

– THE END – (left)

– THE END – (right)

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