Scam at Bukit Bintang Area

5 September 2011
The incident happened like this: A friend of mine and I was eating in a restaurant. Suddenly, there was a woman with her whole family (husband, children and a granny) came to ask my friend to help her change some notes. So I didn’t bother cos I thought that woman doesn’t have small change and asked my friend to change for her.
Then I heard my friend said “Still short 5 cents!”. That woman said she doesn’t have 5 cents and went away. I finally knew my friend was being conned. That woman was giving her loose money to exchange for an RM 5 note. This is definitely not because she doesn’t have small change! So I thought “Hmph, I’m going to record a video of them and let everyone know about it in my blog!”.
Then, I woke up. I was dreaming!!!!!

Chill la… I really wanted to share ma

  • er…so is this a dream or what? LOL i encountered many scams..blogged about it before here

  • Eric: hahahaha it IS a dream! But it felt so real!

  • lol…and its only 5 cents

  • meichi: LOL yah! 1 person 5 cents, den 10 person 50 cents XD

  • what the heck! LOLLLLL!!!!
    no wonder when u said rm5 i feel weird! lol

  • Henry: bwahahahaha gotcha!!

  • Hahaha! U make my day, Charmaine 🙂

  • Blackswan: Really? I'm so glad =)

  • walao! What 5 cent I was like stone for a while till the ending CEH 😛

  • Kian Fai: I also stoned what… when I woke up hahaha

  • ken

    Fake scam la.. lol

  • it's just a funny dream! HAHAHA

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  • Christine

    So young, and innocent :p
    Like your photo!

  • walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  • The pic with the caption made me laugh 🙂

  • Kelvin: hahaha that's good news!!

  • Mine's not like this. Mine's they give me a sweet talk and ask me to give rm30 so that they can give me sone kind of cutey book. this happens to me 3 times. yesterday, i went berjaya times square. when i walk to the jejantas, there was these people again. when they ask me for money, i shout "security/POLIS, help" and they run then, i walk to bts. Please i hope it'll not happen again cause i have almost lost hundreds of rinngit a few days ago

  • Izzat: But you can choose to say no!