Of Popular BookFest @ KLCC and Patrick Teoh

4 September 2011

I don’t plan to go to this year’s bookfest initially cos I still haven’t finish the books I bought last year. The main reason is because I bought Chinese books and I’m a banana T.T I can read most of it but I wanted to learn all! Since Patrick Teoh is going, I decided to go also lah… Further more, I still need 2 swipes of RM 50 on my HSBC credit card to get an RM 50 duit raya. Bought 3 books only, not like many people I saw who bought few plastic bags of books LOL!

Patrick Teoh is funny. He mentioned that his book was placed at the animal section in a bookstore. Maybe nobody understands what is the meaning of ‘Teohlogy’.

Patrick Teoh talking bout Teohlogy. Aiks isn’t the shirt he’s wearing the same as the one on board? :p

Bought 3 books @ RM 107.75! Cheap!!!
  • Book Fest this year was pretty awesome! 🙂 I bought a whole pile of books for a fraction of the price at bookstores normally. Did you get Patrick Teoh's autograph? 😀

  • LOL no i didn't cos i wanted to pay using credit card… the counter there must pay by cash :p

  • 3 books @ RM 107.75??. That's really cheap.

  • Anonymous

    Have you been to BookXcess at AmpCorp Mall? I can easily get 4-5 books for RM100 there. Like BookXcess on Facebook they have all the latest arrivals in there.