McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Burger (Breakfast)

21 September 2011

Yo! Good morning! What’s the most important thing to start a good day? BREAKFAST of course!

I recently spotted that McDonald’s has a new item in their breakfast menu so I decided to try it out.
To my amazement, it tastes really good!!! *mouth watering* Please forgive me if the photo I took looked a bit gross k? But the taste is really nice, you’ll gonna change whatever you order previously to Chicken Nuggets in the future. Before I discover this, my favorite is Egg McMuffin! It costs only RM 4.50 in Weekday Breakfast Special menu (without hash brown) and RM 7.95 (normal set with hash brown).

Chicken Muffin (RM 4.50)

Egg McMuffin (RM 4.50)

  • ah! finally a stuff from mcds! would love to try them out soon at work =D

  • eat before already, is filling hehe 🙂

  • yes, the pics are a bit gross~ hehe

    Too bad I don't eat cheese and mayonnaise ~

  • Nana: How come? You don't like dairy products?

  • Wow..haven't try chicken mcmuffin yet. It looks appetizing 🙂

  • Soooo good, that will cost SGD5.60 in Singapore…sigh…

  • Kelvin: THAT expensive??? Ridiculous!

  • Everything is ridiculous in singapore~

  • good to eat once in a while, but i don't think it's a healthy complete breakfast for everyday neh heheee 😛

  • jamiey: lol yeah! so I go once a week only :p