HTC Party 2011


On 26 June 2011, Ah Boy was lucky to be one of the selected Facebook fan to attend this party so I just tagged along *woohoo!*

The purpose of this party is to launch 3 new phones namely HTC Sensation, HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha. The finger food served by Delicious crew is really delicious. Love it! We also got free beers from Tiger and Kilkenny.

HTC did give out a few phones but Facebook fans got no chance to participate. Sigh~ most of the participants in the games are HTC partners and models so we just watched in envy… And the weird thing is, nobody danced although there were DJs making great music! Bumped into an old friend of mine there, was feeling sooo happy that she still recognizes me =)

HTC ChaCha

Thanks for the free photo! Ah Boy said I looked like Mona Lisa =.=”