I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

April 29
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Pirates of the Caribbean 4

3 best things about bein’ a pirate? This is tough! The list is countless! Wokeh I’ll list it anyway since yer asked…

  1. Having a hook as hand! What can be cooler than that? Enemies come ter me and my hook will handle them. No bleeding, no wounds!
  2. I’ll be able ter sail all over the world while getting their riches and golds (and women too! wakakaka). Free and rich! What more can yer ask fer matey?
  3. Rum drinking and…. don’t you think covering one eye is so in fashion? :p

Our World, Their War

April 25
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Q: Tell us how you would defy the Autobots and destroy the world, and which Decepticons character you would like to transform into to destroy the world.
A: I would transform into Megatron because if I’m are going to be the bad guys, I’ll be the baddest of the baddies.
In order to destroy the world, the first and most important thing to do is of course destroy or cripple the military force of the earth. This includes the Autobots as well since they are on the earthling’s side. Since the Autobots has the power to oppose the Decepticons power, destroying them will be a crucial key to my plan.
To destroy the Autobots, I’ll have to use the greatest weapon which is also their greatest weakness against them. As what I’ve learnt from the book ‘How to Destroy Good Guys for Dummies’, it says that the greatest weakness of all the good guys will be their sense of responsibility to protect innocent civilians. With this knowledge, I will of course capture some civilians (and the Shia LaBeouf if possible since the Autobots cared for him the most) and force the Autobots submit to my wrath if they want the earthlings to be safe. Once they are helpless, I will break the Autobots apart one by one starting from their leader, the Optimus Prime since he poise the greatest threat to me. This must be done in a swift and cruel way until there is no way the Autobots can survive because most villains spent more time talking than actually finish the job or they leave the good guys in a half dead stage where they will survive and fight back. I will also snatch The Ultimate Movie Card from them because this is the magic card that made Autobots more popular than Decepticons in the cinema! HMPH!
The Ultimate Movie Card!
So with the Autobots gone, destroying the world will be like pinching an ant to death (in earthling’s term) as their military force cannot match with my metallic, heavily armed and transformable cool army. I will destroy most of the earthlings and leave only a handful of them so that they can be controlled easily and to become the toys of my armies.

Food Review: Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

April 25

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

What a nice primary school gathering I had here =) I kinda feel closer to them although we have not met for so long. Maybe it’s because friendship at time is so pure and innocent? After we grew young, friendship has became ‘networking’ whereby some friends will ask you to buy and that from them, join their this and that, etc.

Anyway, just wanna show you guys what we have eaten =)

The Menu

Water Chestnut – Large (RM 22.00)

Green Tea Rice (RM 1)
Although we saw the tea leaves but I can’t taste any tea in the rice

Bitter Gourd with Egg – Large (RM 22.00) 

Fried Kangkung – Large (RM 15.00)

Salad Prawn – Large (RM 28.00)

Steamed Ginger Fish – Large (RM 30.00)

Chicken Boxing – Large (RM 28.00)

Pan Fried Egg – Large (RM 13.00)

Whole table of food! Nyum nyum~~

Ambience: 7/10
Price: 8/10
Service: 8/10

Value for Money: 8/10
Food: 9/10

Lot LG-206, Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2283 6090

Business hours:
Everyday 11.00am – 10.00 pm


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