Donate fund from Malaysia to Japanese Red Cross Society

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Everyone knows about this tsunami that happened on the fateful 11th March 2011 (coincidently my birthday T.T)

And I was thinking, why not donate some money to help those who need it? Although I’m not donating a lot (only 2000 yen which is equivalent to USD 25/RM 81), but I believe that if everyone helps, it will become a big amount. Ah Boy also donated 2000 yen.

With so many options to choose like Paypal, UNICEF, Zynga, etc. I chose to DIRECTLY donate to Japanese Red Cross Society via Google. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it:

  1. Go to Google Crisis Respond for Japan Earthquake 2011
  2. Enter your credit card details.

  3. Proceed and sign in to your Google account again although you’ve already signed in.
  4. Check and make sure all details are correct before clicking ‘Place Your Order Now’.
  5. Voila! You will be redirected to a summary page confirming your donation. Certain banks will give you a call to verify whether you’ve made payment via Google to prevent fraud.
Simple isn’t it? Just 5 steps and you’ll be able to lend a hand to needy people 🙂